Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas Carols 2016

On Monday night the entire school had a Christmas Carols Night. Where everybody showed Jesus' birth through Christmas songs. It was a fantastic success! Even the parents joined in the fun. Everybody enjoyed Room 4's song especially. Sadly this was the Year 8's last Christmas Carol, so farewell to them.

Camp 2016

This is an infographic showcasing all the activities that we did on the first day of Camp. Everybody enjoyed the beach and the freedom to run around.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Room 7 created wordle to show our understanding of Saints.
Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 1.43.52 PM.png
Saints are holy people like St. Pius X.

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 1.44.04 PM.png
My Wordle is about saints.
Saints are ordinary people just like you and me. They don't have special abilities or special powers but they do have really strong love for God and others.

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 1.49.34 PM.png


Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 1.52.42 PM.png

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Religious Education

Feast Day of St. Pius X from Ana on Vimeo.

St. Pius X School celebrated our feast day with a whole mass.  After the mass we had our feast day cake in the hall.  Everyone had a piece of cake from the  humongous cake.  It was a yummy banana cake.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Kalolaine, Caroline and Anthony worked well to show their understanding of how to solve multiplication of fractions.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Monday Morning This morning I arrived to school late. Everyone was outside. I did not know what was happening. I walked and straight away I smelled fire and the bell rang continuously. I knew straight away that when the bell rings like that it means FIRE DRILL. This morning wasn’t a drill. It was REAL. I felt scared and horrified so I hung my bag and ran outside to the back of the school where everyone was sitting and waiting. My teacher called out the roll to make sure everyone is safe. After a while Mrs Bell came to tell us that it is now safe to get back to the classroom. Thanks goodness and it wasn’t serious. COURTNEY

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Cyber Smart

Constable Gordon visited Room 7 and talked about being smart online.  With our Cyber Smart learning we know that whatever we put online will never be erased.  So be smart in what your say in the social media.  

Monday, August 8, 2016

Blog View Comparisons

Link: Info Graph - Blog View Comparison
This is a Info Graph Comparison of Alecia, Patrick, Joshua and Rosrine's Blog Views! Their goal is to reach 50,000 views. Take a look!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Room 7 had a class mass on Friday 5 August. It was organised by students of Room 7. We are very proud of ourselves.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Today at morning line up Rachel came to St. Pius X Catholic School to present the awards to those students who participated in the Winter Learning Journey programme during the July holiday.  There were 13 students participating in this programme.  All were very proud and was pleasing to see them..  

The St. Pius winners for this programmer were:-
First is PatrickSecond  were equal - Saveu, Lusia and Stanley.IMG_6201.JPG

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Rosrine's Prayer DLO

Joshua's Prayer DLO

hat are the forms of pray I know?

Forms of Prayer -

Prayer is connecting to God -
When we sing in Church -
Traditional Prayer -
Spontaneous Prayer -
Examples -

Using our senses, Natures and Creation
Mo Maria, Thank You
Our Father,Hail Mary & Glory Be
Dear Heavenly Father Look after our class

Prayer is connecting to God using our senses, nature or creation.
When we sing in church is a prayer. ( Songs )
When we say the Traditional Prayer. ( Our Father, Hail Mary & Glory Be )
When we say the Lexio Divina.

When we talk to God using our human senses.

Olga's Prayer DLO

Friday, July 8, 2016

Olga's Term 2 Reflection Video

Lusia's Matariki Art Work

For the past 3 weeks I have been learning the maori celebration called matariki.
- I have learnt that Matariki has always been an Important time in the Maori calendar. It was a time for the community to come together to farewell those departed and acknowledge the year gone by.

This is my matariki art.

Olga's Term 2 Reflection Writing

This term 2 It was so not nice but fun,because there’s some times that I feel alone because I think no one like me. But this term is so taft because I am really confuse on my learnings. Sometimes I don’t know what I am going to do,but It’s so fun because we have done a lot of activities this term 2.

I am confident now hot to back fight to them through words because If I did not do that they will not stop teasing me. My favorite part of this term is our Retreat at St francis because I really enjoy it and It was so blessedful and so fun and scary I really enjoyed this term.

Hope that our term 3 our going to be good and hope that anyone will not bully anyone and no one will be bad to others. Goodbye Term 2 hello term 3.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Lusia's Book Character Day Writing

Today we had a Book Character day. So today morning we had to dress up as your favourite book character or game character. And I dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. So firstly I did was to get dressed and do my hair. After I did those things I put my lunch box in my bag also my netbook and went in the car.

When I went in the car I was thinking about what everyone else was wearing. Once we got there I saw my friends dressed as einstein,nerd,cinderella's stepmother and lots more. But then when I went to the basketball court and played shoots I saw all these beautiful princess walking out of there cars and inside their classrooms.

There was heaps of  scary and beautiful pirates and elsas at school. Then after awhile it was time to go to class and wait for the hall to set up. So when i was sitting down in my table doing art my friend who dressed up so amazing as a anne of green gables. And she was dressed as an orphan girl witch is the main character.

Then after we did art it was time to go in the hall for the parade. So we went and sat down and all I saw was beautiful and scary costumes all over the place. Then our presenters did a prayer in maori and we sang our school prayer. Then after that we sang the New Zealand national anthem.

Then after we sang the New Zealand anthem our presenters told the junior class (room 1) to come up and show their costumes to the parents and the audience.  Then after their beautiful costumes there were wearing it was room 4 next. Then after room 4 room 3. Some of them were wearing farmer character and cinderella character.

Then after room 3’s turn it was room 5’s turn. Then after room 5’s turn it was our turn. Our presenters ask me who i was and i said i'm little red riding hood and the others were been asked too. After that we sat down and listened to mr cockley presenting the caught being goods. After that he presented the honour awards.

Then after that it was time to walk out of the hall and show off our  interesting costumes. Then when we went outside we took photos and we had morning tea. It was a amazing time.

Lusia's Cathedral Writing

St Pius the tenth had an opportunity to go to the cathedral. We went to the cathedral because it was year of mercy. So first we were going for morning tea time and we were getting ready to go. We went to get our soul friends and look after them when we go to the city. After a little while the bus was there and we had to go to the bus quickly.

Once we arrived we were waiting for the people to get in the cathedral so we can go inside from the other side. When we were getting inside we went past the merciful door and touched the holy water from the cathedral. Then as we went to sit down I saw the big layout of the church, Stained glass windows, Ascension and Assumption. And I also saw the baptismal font.

And father came and we stood up and sang a song to welcome him. After father came and sat down he told us that this chair next to him was the bishops chair, noone can sit in that chair except for the Bishop of the Diocese of Auckland. And one of the readers were reading about how pilgrimage journey of mercy and how he were going through on his journey. Then after he had finished his last sentence on the bible everyone stood up and we were listening to what father was saying.

Then me and all the kids from St Pius kneeled down and listened to fathers talking about the bread and wine. Then after a while we stood up to sing the bread broken song and some people were receiving the body of Christ. Then after they got their bread it was our turn to get blessed and receive holy communion. Then after we got blessed by father then we went back to our seats and waited awhile.
After a awhile I felt hungry and thinking of food. But when we finished the mass we went to have a tour around the church and the first thing I saw was the foundation stone. Father told us about the foundation stone story. The church is 150 years old and it’s still up and running.

After he showed us a tour he told us to sing a song it goes like this “Merciful like the father”. Heaps of times till we all touched water of mercy and went outside past the merciful door. When we went outside we went straight to Liston hall next to the cathedral to have lunch there. Then after we had lunch we were playing hand games till the bus came.

As soon as the bus came our teachers were taking us to the bus to go back to school. And once we came back to school we were tired but happy we went to the cathedral. Then we went to go play because it wasn’t time till the end of the day.

Lusia's Pepeha

Ko Maungarei to maunga
Ko Tamaki Te awa
Ko Ruapotaka te marae
Ko Hato Pae te Kura
Ko Lusia taku ingoa

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Olga's Powhiri Writing

The powhiri is a formal welcoming of the Marae people at their place. They are start the Powhiri with a song and saying something to the people in their own language. They welcome the people who are coming to their place to determine the people or friends. Manuhiri is the guest of them or a non person.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Lusia's Recount: Marae

A Powhiri is like a welcoming when you go into a Marae and welcome visitors like a school or a iwi (tribe). When you go to the Marae you have to be greeted with a Powhiri and when you past at the middle you wait to past your respect to the marae. There’s only have to be one woman welcoming us to the the marae and singing. There’s also rules in a Marae you have to be respectful, take off your shoes before you go into the marae, boys have to sit at the back and girls have to sit in front of the boys and be very quiet.

When we walked to the Marae I felt nervous and excited all I saw was just my friends talking and walking. When I was talking to my Soul Friend she was scared of the Maori things and I told her i’ll be there for her. Then finally we were there waiting for a little while for the lady who is calling us in the marae. After that we heard and looked at the lady welcoming us to the marae and my friend who is answering her call and I felt scared and with relief. Then when we reached the marae we we took our shoes off and sat down inside the marae and looking at the speaker. This man was talking to us in Maori and most of us didn’t really understand him and we were feeling confused. But then these boys in our class were said a speech to them and introducing us. After they introduced us Mr Coakley was talking about what he does for us and how we were excited about coming to the Marae. Then after Mr Coakley was finished his speech we stood up and sang a Maori song.

Then one of the ladies were saying something and we were listening and I felt happy and belonged. Then our five boys were doing a hongi with the Maori people and my friend who answered the Powhiri. So when we finished we had morning tea and I felt really hungry so I grabbed my lunch and was eating my oranges and felt full. When I finished my food I was playing with my friends. We were playing pukana which is pretty fun and funny. But there were rules and we were not allowed to laugh and we had to put a really good Pukana on your face to become a Maori character.

Then we got called out to go inside the hall and they were telling us that we are going to be separate to two groups. Me and Room 7 and our Soul Friends were going to learn how to do a flower braid with flax and my soul friends were confused and I was excited. So when we finished our session it was time we go to our last session it was with this old man with a very interesting nose and he was teaching us some Maori songs. He teached us the heads, shoulders song in Maori and we know it by heart. After we learnt that song he sang a song. After we had the session we said prayers for lunch and ate our lunch because after eating we had to go to Tech. It was a very great day and exciting but happy because I got a chance to go to a marae again.

Olga's Recount: Marae

The whole St Pius Catholic School went to the Marae yesterday. We go there as a whole school, we go there to learn more about the Marae. When the whole St Pius class arrived at the Marae the one lady welcome us through our way inside of the Marae. Analei and Mrs Tui are in the front and when we are came there at the inside of the Marae the people at the Marae start to talk something in their Marae language. I liked the weaving that we did at the inside of the hall. I liked it because I was amaze how did they know like a art like that. I just only amazed on it. The first I hear the lady singing a song when we came there I was scared because maybe I don’t know the language that she is singing. But it’s good trip because I enjoyed it and I’ve learned more about Marae and their language.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 8.31.37 PM.pngI had the privilege to be the taupo in the mass.  This is a Samoan lady who act as a royal_.  Her role is to dance in front during the offertory procession.  She is representing the people in offering the gift which is the bread and wine.  I wore a special costume.  My mum applied a lot of baby oil on me as part of my costume. I was shiny like  the sun on still water.  
It was time for the offertory. I was ready. I had mixed feeling.  My whole body was shaking, however, excited. I wanted to run outside but I knew there was no turning back. The music began and I knew I have to move.  I could hear my heartbeat as I started to move to the beat.  I put on a brave look and pushed back my fear and began to move gracefully down the aisle.  I could hear Manu and Uati making low cheering noise from the side.  They were the la’iuli (the male dance to cheer for the taupo).  By Alecia

Saturday, June 4, 2016

My First Time
Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 8.30.53 PM.png
I was really nervous because it was my first time reading in the Catholic church.  I had to read part of the Psalm.
I had a sickening feeling after I read because I did not read loudly. I wish that I can do it again.
The singing in the church was great because everyone was concentrating and we all sang beautifully.
It was a wonderful day! We had a whole school photo.


Friday, June 3, 2016

St. Pius X Catholic School lead the parish mass on Sunday 29 May 2016.  It was the feast day of the Body and Blood of Christ.  We celebrate the mass with Samoan flavour as it was the beginning of the Samoan Language week.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Olga's Recount: Science Roadshow!

Room 7 went to Tamaki College today to watch and see the show of experiments and their exhibit. Lusia’s grandma help us to transport to the Tamaki.

I really amazed at the eye test because It’s really fun and challenging because the letters is going little and little and I was experience the eye test and I really enjoyed the eye test. I was amazed how did they do the eye test.

We go at the Tamaki College with lusia’s grandma. I and von, Henrietta and Lusia. The trip was so fun because I like science and I enjoyed the different stations that I’ve been  go. Every stations has a clues and how to do the thing. That’s why I enjoyed it and I am thankful for who those volunteer to that station and to help us to the thing and teach us I think they are part of the school Tamaki college.

I really enjoyed the eye test, the others station that makes me challenge. I was appealed to that eye test because It’s really fun and challenging. When we finished the show Lusia’s grandma sent us in our school with Von, Henrietta and Lusia.

Lusia's Recount: Science Roadshow!

Today we had a chance to go to  the science roadshow it's very interesting because you get to explore the sorts kind of science stuff like winds sounds and other stuff. So at the beginning my aunty took us four myself, Henrietta , Olga and Von  to tamaki college.

I was there at the tamaki college waiting for the other people. So then we were waiting for the other school to go inside the hall.
Then at the time we sat down inside they showed us some cool experiments. Then they told us to try out and look around the things around the hall, it was sorts of things like u gotta pull the ball to try and hit the ball but u cant because the magnet was to close and it hit the ball back.

My favourite thing out of the others were was the colour combo it changes the color and u switch the switch to blue yellow and other colours and the brick was changing colors it was very awesome. And the color words were very hard because it was hard to remember and to say it backwards and forwards.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Olga's Spark Writing

I am going to write now about what happen in our trip in OMG tech. It was good trip and good activities because we did many things in (spark) and I have a lot of things that learned because when I came there with my school mates I was amazed in their place because It’s a good place and big and the volunteer people there is a super king and helpful. They help us to how to monitor a robot and they teach us how to unmake the DVD and I was amazed when I saw the inside of DVD because a lot of wires in their and It was good activity I’ve learned how to stripped the DVD.and the Science activity I enjoyed it because I was amazed of the man do the experiments in our table and the man show us how to clean the coloring from the water. It was good experience because I never go to like place and do the activities like we do to the(spark). I really enjoyed it and It was really fun because I and von are laughing at the robotics activity because we can’t perfect the way of robot but the boy help us how to monitor the robot and the boy was a funny and kind and he is responsible and never give up on our work with von. It was so fun day I really loved it.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Lusia's Holiday Writing

On Wednesday my cousin and I went to the movies. First we went to buy the snacks at countdown and it was very hard to find the lolly, drinks and chips area. Then after we got the snacks we walked over to the cinema and bought our tickets to see the “The Boss’’. Then when we got to the room we we stopped and felt this moment then got to one step over the line. We laughed so hard then we got to our seats and talked to the adds came on. After we talked we saw the funny adds and we were laughing on this movie it's called Intelligent with Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson. Then when it got to the movie the first thing in my mind was is it going to be great or funny. The movie was about a lady when she was born the real parents didn't want her. Then they gave her back to the adoption of the sisters. Then everytime she goes to a new parents they don't like or don't want her. She got rich when she was older and wiser than she was so funny telling everybody her guide to be rich. She had an assistant and also she was arrested from doing some kind of cheat. She was in prison for 5 months and when she got out her house was for sale. Then she lost everything and she went to her assistants house. Wanted her to move to her house then her assistant asked her to take her daughter to her cookie scouts. Then she was arguing with the boss and then she went with the assistants daughter and made an new skout group and they were selling 1. Million brownies in one day and made 5. Million in one day. And yeah at the end we were full from the junk and full of happiness and laughter.

Lusia's Mothers Day Writing

Grandmas and mothers has an important job to do for there kids.  They are the most important person, she looks after and feeds and loves and pray for you and takes care of you no matter what.They sometimes growl you because they love you they want you to be a better person in general and want to have a good future ahead of you and wants you to be happy and safe and loved. And they had to pay for you clothes, your shoes, you food,your school fees, your uniform, your technology and heaps more you should be grateful that you have an grandma and mother because some of the kids don't know their parents or don't have an parents.

My grandma is the best mum i've ever had she loved me whenever and whatever I do and she is my everything my heart my soul my brain and my love and care.she cares for me love me even if i'm not her daughter. Even does she's my grandma but she's my mother she takes care of me and loves me and feeds me and laughs with me and more I love her so much. She is funny most times and sometimes she has to be stretched sometimes or growl me sometimes but it's okay parents does it's to control their kids and sometimes I get a little grumpy but she still loves me no matter what. And sometimes I feel so all fall  because my stress is putting on her like air and she has chemo cancer, breast cancer, and heart failure and i love hanging out with her and look after her because that's what family are for to look after and love each other and care for each other. And I have a bad time this year but then when my grandma took me with her I feel so safe, alive, loved more than ever and happy and great. I love her so much and she is a big part of my heart and I know there's not much time until she passes and i'm trying to make her happy and enjoy her life.she supports me no matter what. She takes me to my netball games my counselling my defence classes and lot more i'm so grateful that she is a part of my life and heart. She sometimes get sick and I get very worried easily and I always pray for her to please get better and the next day she's fine and I get happy when I see her smile when I wake up in the morning and when I go to sleep. All I look forward is her smile and laughter every time and day.

Olga's Holiday Writing

We lay down on the grass at Mission Bay. Under the sun and eat some chips and take a picture. It was cold a day. That day the sun was a super hot on that time that’s why it’s cold. We went fishing and got a snapper fish and ate McDonald’s.

Olga's Mother Day Card



Monday, April 4, 2016

Screencasitfy Maths Equations - Olga

Maths Equation #1
Maths Equations #2
Today for Maths Room 7 learnt how to use an app called Screencastify, where we can record our work that we have down today. This is Olga's 2 Maths Equations. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Religious Education

Today is Holy Thursday.  We had our Easter Liturgy. We have prepared for this special liturgy in the past few days.  We " Journey through Holy Week with Jesus.

Buddy Reading

Room 7 and Room 1 & 4 have buddy reading on Thursdays and Fridays.  We read with our buddy and listen to them reading.  We feel great when we support the younger children.

Friday, March 11, 2016


Room 7 enjoyed playing tennis with our coach James.  We learnt new skills.  It is fun to play and challenge each other.  We hope to get better in tennis.  Thank you Kiwisport New Zealand for enabling us to experience playing tennis.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Fale'aka's Narrative Writing

One evening at Tamaki River, some men went out fishing. The water was not calm but they thought they might have a good catch.  

Not long, the wind started to get stronger and water was becoming rough.  They were scared and yelled at each other to go back.  The motor stopped.  John who was steering the boat did not know what was happening.
Suddenly they noticed a figure on the water.  “It’s a ghost”, they shouted. They started to paddle with their hands.  The figure came closer to the and they noticed that it was Jesus.  
“It’s Jesus”, John shouted.  He was excited and jumped to run to Him.  He forgot that he can’t walk on water.  
“Help”, he screamed.  ‘Help me, Jesus”.
Jesus came and grabbed his hand and took him to the boat.

The sea was calm and wind died down.  Our motor worked and we let out our nets and got a lot of fish.
Thank you Jesus.

Rosrine's Narrative Writing

Patches of Grey clouds painted along the sky, our scarfs flying from side to side, like trapped birds.

The Galileans & I, paddled as fast as we could to reach the Wall of Prayers. We were planning to go there several times, and never had the opportunity to do it.   THUD! THUD! we all panicked, the waves were getting bigger and our boat was rocking from side to side, A storm was heading our way. “Paddle faster”, I yelled, as if we were having a race with the waves.

“Are we near”, a men spoke. “Not even close”, a unknown man exclaimed. I gave that unknown man a vexatious face, and carried on paddling. While we were struggling to move the boat, a blinding light shone, onto our faces, like we in a football game. “What is that”, I said, while putting on a frightened face. “I am here to help you”, the bright light spoke.

The bright light, was fading and we could finally saw his face. Hair long enough to touch it’s shoulders, yellow scarf. We couldn’t believe our eyes. “It’s Jesus”, we shouted. Mouths dripping with amazement. “Be calm, it is I,” said Jesus. I will take you, to the Wall of Prayers. Jesus ordered the wind and the sea was calm.

An hour passed, and we finally reached our destination “Thank You, Jesus”, we all spoke at once.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Anthony's Narrative Writing

On a Tuesday morning december 15 1957 there stayed a girl with her two enormous brothers at 101 line road the names were Francesca, Jake and Sam. One day the brothers told their young sister Francesca to stay home while they were going to there friends house. While they were gone the young sister was worried that they left her alone at home and wasn’t going to return. So that night there young sister sneaked out of the house and into the searching for her two older brothers.   

Later that night while she was searching, she saw a house covered with wood. She was tired so she decided to go and have a break. When she walked inside it looked flash. The young girl was amazed so she  decided that she was going to have a rest. Once her two brothers got home from there friends house, they called out her name but she was nowhere to be found.

Next Jake and Sam started to get worried so off they went looking for her. During their mission, Sam spotted a house with wood covered on it so he screamed out to Jake that he had spotted a house with wood on it so they quickly ran.

When she was finally found, everyone was in a great relieved that there sister was found. They hugged and kissed her and said we hope you will learn a lesson from this and it’ll never happen again.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Welcome Back to 2016!

Welcome back to 2016! This year our class is full of Yr 7 and 8's. Our class is also mixed with new students from Room 6 and old students from Room 7 2015. This year has kicked off really well. This week we had our Ash Wednesday and Opening Mass, now we are preparing for Testing Week. We also introduce our new leaders for St Pius X Catholic School of 2016. Now we can't wait for the rest of the year!