Friday, November 20, 2015

My Timeline (2007 - 2015) - Folauhola

Here is Folauhola's timeline throughout the years in Saint Pius X Catholic School. She has been in Saint Pius X Catholic School since 2007. I hope you enjoy :)

Highlights of 2015 - Folauhola

Thursday, November 19, 2015

My Sailing Experience - Alecia Haiosi

Screenshot 2015-11-16 at 11.27.04 AM.png
It was a very sunny day, with a clear blue sky. This was going to be the first day of our Activity Days and I was certain to make the most of it. Everyone was so excited. Lucky for me, there were only ten people in my group, otherwise we would of never fit in the van. The first group had already had their turn and when we arrived they were their at the Yacht Club.

When we hopped out we were greeted from our other classmates. After our reunion the first group hopped into the van and waved goodbye. When they left we all got prepared. We were then greeted by our instructor Ruben. Everyone received their safety gear and then we all walked down to the beach. There were at least six boats waiting down by the shore. We all surrounded the blue boat and Ruben started explaining to us how to use the boat.

There were 2 parts in the boat to work. The steering and the sail. The steering was at the back of the boat, it will control where the boat will go. The sail was at the front of the boat. To position it you need to either pull or release the rope. Ruben showed us how to work the sail properly. Soon enough we were all partnered up and we were taking our boats out into the ocean. I was partnered up with Rachel. Catherine was with Lupe, Pepe was with Joshua and Patrick was with Misiotei. I was in the purple boat. When we got out into the water it was so hard mainly because of the sail. We then got stuck for a while but we eventually got out into the ocean.

It felt so great, sailing. I had completely underestimated it. I thought that it would be so tiring and boring. But really it was a great feeling when the boat was going fast. We finally caught up with the other boats and Ruben was in the motorboat, with Oscar and Ierei. Ruben told us where to go and we followed. Surprisingly no one had fell out of the boat yet. Rachel then had to swap with Ierei. Rachel hopped out and Ierei hopped in. It was harder with Ierei mainly because she hadn’t had much experience.

After a long ride in the water Ruben then told us to go back to the shore. I was disappointed at first but then happy because I was extremely hungry, thirsty and tired. When the boats were close enough to the shore we all hopped out of the boats and dived into the water. Everyone was so happy in the water. We then pulled the boats back to shore and started cleaning up. After cleaning up everyone got changed and we ate our lunch. Everyone was silent and just enjoyed their lunch. I was so exhausted but happy at the same time. So all I could say about that day was that it was a really great experience.

My Sailing Experience - Folauhola

On Thursday morning my class had the opportunity to participate in sailing. We were divided into 2 groups. The first group left from school at 9am. The second group had to met us at Kohimarama Beach at 12pm. Sailing was at Kohimarama, near the yacht club.

Most of my class had never been sailing before. Our transport was the Sacred Heart Van.  There were 12 students who were in group 1. We finally made it to the yacht club. I couldn't wait any longer, so I grabbed my gear and jumped off the van. We met our instructor Reuben.

6 sailing boats had caught my eye. Our first task was to  set up the yacht.  We were paired up and each one of us had to chose a yacht. Before we could start, we had to put on our safety gear, to keep us safe. We dragged our sailing boat down the path walk and into the beach. The girls were up first to sail.

We had to sail to the tilly that was anchored to the sea floor, that area was the deepest. After coming last, I was enjoying. My partner and I took turn and it was turning out great, until we went together. When we reached to the deep side, my side was facing downwards to the water and water was coming into our boat. We were both scared and nervous that our boat would flip over.

It’s was too windy and we couldn't control our boat so we let it go and all of sudden we were in the sea. The sea was deep and I was nervous because usually when I'm at the beach my feets are always on the ground. Luckily Reuben came with his boat and told us how to flip over the boat.

It was time to say goodbye. I wasn't ready to stop, I wanted more. By the time we started  packing our gear, we met the second group who made it to the yacht club just in time.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Touch Reflection - Anthony

Today was our third session of touch. Everyone was looking forward for a game of touch. Unfortunately we practised more drills for next week. We need work on moving back and not passing properly.   I am excited for the next Touch Session.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

My Experiance at Touch - Folauhola

Our Third session of Touch was Fun. Girls and boys were separated but  learnt the same thing. I have to say that my class has shown some improvement in this session . Basically running, passing and tagging was the skill that impressed me today at Touch. We did a lot of training and learning so that we can be ready for the last final week of touch. Than we can play touch and give everything we've learnt since session one.  I enjoy trying out different sport because it’s may help us with other sports too. I have to say the girls won this time because we just had good strategies and were working very demanding.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Anthony's Choices Display

Cluster Culture Festival - Sonya

On Friday 6th November, 30 of our students including myself here are St Pius X Catholic School had the privilege to represent our school, at our very first Cluster Culture Festival. We had 4 different ethnicity groups including : Samoan, Tongan ,  Cook Island , and Maori. 

We were all united with the Liturgical Dance. We told the story of our school by dance. Our story commenced when the Holy Faith Sisters arrived into New Zealand and started our school. This  is when the Maori people arrived. Our Maori Group performed beautifully. It was a great start to the dance. The dance then concludes onto the Cook Island group (performed by Aurora), The Samoan group, and ends off with the Tongan.
We were all reunited with the Liturgical Dance. 

I was relived and happy that it was over. All of our hard work and late practises paid off. At first I was definitely anxious. I felt proud of everyone including myself. After performing we all gathered together and watched the other schools perform. 
I  was exhausted and could not believe that it was over.

Faith Hope and Love

SPX_Tui_Virtue from Ana on Vimeo.

Room 7 made a  music video of the song that was composed by Deja and some of the Year 8 students in 2014.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Cultural Festival 2015 - Folauhola

Here is Folauhola experience at the Cultural Festival at Bailey Road.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

PAT Test Reflection - Folauhola

This morning was our PAT maths test. I was feeling nervous and shaken . This is the second time I’ve done PAT test online. I personally think that online tests are easier and fast.. There were 41 questions in the test. This morning’s test was not that bad because I’ve practised it before and found out how I got the answer.
At the end of the test I think I did well as well as everyone.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

E Asttle Reflection - Folauhola


During the Writing E- Asttle Test  all I could think about is using the 7 elements in my writing. But somehow I thought of the words that were best to use. I tried my best in my writing, even though I was coughing. I finally managed to finish my writing on time. I was very proud of myself.

Kiwi Sport : Folauhola

Today was  our second session of  Touch, It  was very different. I  learnt that at beginning of the game you have to tap the ball  on the ground to start and when you are about to pass the ball. Touch is a  very difficult  sport for me because I’ve never played it. I love playing touch because it helps me with other sports too like Netball. I am looking forward for the next session next week !

Anthony's Reflection

Today at our second touch session , we were taught  how to draw and pass the ball. We learned how to share the ball with   others  in our team.  For next time we need to work on moving around more. I can’t wait for the next session.