Monday, August 31, 2015

Tongan Language Week

It's Tongan Language Week !! 
We will celebrate this special week by :-
- greeting each other in Tongan (teachers & students)
- We do the sign of the cross in Tongan during our prayer time
- We use Tongan phrases in the class rooms
- During lunch time we sing  Tongan Song's
- We learn the Tongan National anthem and the New Zealand anthem in Tongan.
On Friday 4 September we will have a Tongan Day at school. Students and teachers are asked to wear Tongan clothes to school and bring a gold coin to donate to Caritas. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Sonya's Poem

Humble, Meek
Loving, Helpful, Encouraging
He helped those who struggled, and those who were poor
Inspiring, Devotional, Spiritual
Sacred, Holy
Image result for saint pius x

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Misiotei's Response to Sean

Sean was telling us about how he got interested in sharks. He got interested in sharks by watching shark week on discovery channel when he was three years old. He told us how to kill a shark, it was called shark fining.  He said when you capture a shark cut of their fins and chuck the body back into the sea so that it can suffocate and die. It looked like that he knew a lot about sharks because he was confident about what he was saying.
Shark Finning.jpg

Friday, August 14, 2015

Airui Mai - By Aurora

07.08.15 Airiu Mai

Today the Cook Island group from my school (SPX) went to the Glen Innes library to present a presentation for Cook Island senior citizens. I had a lovely time and I would like to thank Mrs Jeanny for preparing this for us and I would also thank the community for having us there.

Sonya's Netball Tournament Recount

Whistle’s blown everywhere, short skirts worn, &  balls thrown everywhere. Yesterday the year 8 & 7 team went to the  netball tournament. It was a indescribable experience. It started off with a cold and cloudy day. I was so nervous my teeth shook wildly. The other teams looked very experienced and intimidating.

The day started off with the year 7’s first game, which in my opinion was a awesome way to start the day. Our year 8 team had alot of time to get ready for our first team, while we waited we watched a male match. It was quite different and it looked fun. A couple of minutes later our first game was going to commence. So we all rushed to the court to start the game.

In total we had 4 games, plus the 1 night game.  I especially liked meeting new people & mixing with different schools. I couldn't resist but to feel nervous throughout the games and day. I had to make sure that  my nerves did not affect the game. I played as hard as I could, which is all that mattered.

I enjoyed myself, and I hope everyone else did. The beautiful, rough day ended off with a frozen drink. Which was what we all needed. I will always cherish this  day, and the honour of playing with my friends.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Exoskeleton Seahorse

I have a exoskeleton, I don’t have scales but I have bony plates. I have a curly tail, I have a long thin snout that points down, when I find food I suck it up through my snout. I can change into different colours very quickly, I live in the shallow weedy areas. When it's winter I quickly go to the deeper water to escape from the rough weather. I am a very poor swimmer, I have excellent eyesight and I am able to work independently on either side of my head! So that means I can look forwards and backwards at the same time!

I am a Seahorse

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Joshua's Hockey Experience

Today we had wonderful session playing Hockey, Hockey is not a popular sport here in New Zealand maybe but for me it is not. Room 7 was all in the Hall, when we were settled we saw our Hockey Instructor ( Unknown ). I think that he is really good at playing Hockey.

After that he was separate us into groups , well I was in group #1 and the rest were split up into groups. After that we had a warm-up, the warm-up was to run from one side to the other. After that we were all tired from running from one side to the other. Next we had to bear crawl from one side to the other, that game was sort of boring and tiring because you had to crawl with your knees up.

Later on the instructor told us to go and stand next to where the hockey bats were, the instructor told us few rules what to do and not do with the bats because it can hurt someone real hard. After that the instructor told us to practise some skills with the hockey bat so we can start learning more tricks with the hockey bats. After that he told us that we should have a hockey game, so we were split up into 2 equal groups so we coud play the game. We had to to play a hockey game and whoever wins, was the winners of the day.

After that we all had to say a big thanks to our instructor for coming to our school to teach us hockey, he will be coming into our school for the next 4 weeks to 6 weeks to teach us how to play hockey.
I really enjoyed my first lesson of playing Hockey!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rachel's Hockey Experiance


On a Wednesday morning, we had our first kiwi sport for Term 3, Hockey. Room 7 was the first class to begin with the Hockey Session. We head into the hall because it was raining outside. The Instructor split us into 3 groups.  First we started with warm ups before we begin. Running to the end of the hall was the first warm up we did. Following on we did monkey crawls. Afterwards we begin to start with the skills, first was the Marble. We started to do competitions as well, to see who would get the most score of doing the balancing the ball on the stick. One student got 101. From then we got into 2 groups because we were going to play a game of Hockey. He calls a number and that amount of people have to run and try get the ball into the goal net. At the end he calls everyone to come in, my group was trying to get the ball into the other goal net because we haven’t had a score yet. Our Session had ended, we all said “Thank you” to the instructor.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Salote's Hockey Experience

IMG_2479.JPGFirst time playing Hockey and it was amazing, I loved it. I was so excited to play hockey, at first I thought it will be boring. After doing the warm ups I was ready to carry on, got a Hockey stick and ball and it was time to practice. Learning all the drills and rule about Hockey was awesome, playing hockey and challenging others feels like I already knew how to play Hockey. Hockey is an amazing sport to play, can’t wait for the next practice.  

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Under Sea World

who  am I ?

I am a small fish that lives in tropical waters all over the world. I have big jaws so watch out all you little fishes, before I eat you!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Frank's Hockey Experiance

In the morning, Room 7 witnessed a new sport to the school called Hockey. I was looking forward to Hockey because I wanted to know more of the sport. It hit the time of 9:45 and we all lined up outside the hall. The instructor told us to come inside and place ourselves down.

We placed ourselves down and waited for the other people to come. We started our kiwisport with a warm - up. Our first warm - up was a relay. Next we moved on to the monkey crawl. It was difficult to find our grip because it the floor is slippery. Later, the instructor told us to stand next to the hockey stick.

He told us our to hold the grip and the rules in the hockey. After we got that, the instructor directed us to grab a ball and find a space to yourself. Then, instructor taught us some hockey dribbling moves. Then we moved on to a challenge.

We had to hit the ball with the hockey stick as much as we could within a minute. I managed to get 62, that was my high score. With a few minutes left, we played a game. It was fun and dangerous because everyone swung the hockey stick at each other.

I had a really good time. The End  

Friday, August 7, 2015

Vicious Shark

I have a huge body I have been  seen in Australia. I am vicious , I have large sharp teeth and also strong jaws  and a tough  body.  Beware I will come and attack you in the ocean.  I am a shark.

Outstanding Performance

The first week of the holiday’s was a big week for me because I was training for our Bill McLaren Rugby final.  Everyday was training.  Friday was the big  day.

On Friday morning my dad and I went to the Orakei Domain.
Once we arrived, I rushed to the changing room to put on my Rugby uniform on.  I was very nervous, however, I had to proceed outside to some warm up with the boys.

It hit 11:30 and the whistle blew and we kicked off, we started chasing the ball and my friend did a massive hit and we started doing rucks.   Later we had a penalty and we were close to the try line our captain Sione Kau tap the ball, passed the ball to my friend and he broke through their line and scored a perfect try.

The time was running out fast, before we knew it,  we only had 12 minutes left, we had another penalty and we were close to the line, our captain tapped the ball and passed it to me, I went under their legs and scored a fantastic try. My friend Bono did the conversion kick and he got it in and it was Halftime!

We had 2 minutes for a  break, we talked about our defence and our  plan, the ref blew his whistle because time was up and it was south turn to kick. They kicked off and we made a lots of errors during the rest of the game, we scored 2 tries, Not knowing that there was only 12 minutes left. The south team kicked the ball and my friend Brandon, blocked the kick and took the ball, and ran off to the try line.

We had 3 more minutes left and they were close to our try line, we kept on tackling to avoid them scoring a try . We gave South lots of penalties and we only had 45 seconds before full time. It was their fifth penalty we gave them and they tapped the ball and gave it to their winger, they scored their first try. After their conversion kick the ref blew his whistle. We were screaming and cheering loudly. Full Time score 31-5.

We went back to our changing room and sang our spartan song. After that we started to singing a tongan song “E otua”. After our singing we went to the steps and a former All Black called out, Bill McLaren East team to come up and get their medals, when we went up to get our medals our coach called out our names to sing our Spartan song. We were the champions and won two years in a row and the Player of the Tournament was Sione Kau Lokeni.