Friday, August 7, 2015

Outstanding Performance

The first week of the holiday’s was a big week for me because I was training for our Bill McLaren Rugby final.  Everyday was training.  Friday was the big  day.

On Friday morning my dad and I went to the Orakei Domain.
Once we arrived, I rushed to the changing room to put on my Rugby uniform on.  I was very nervous, however, I had to proceed outside to some warm up with the boys.

It hit 11:30 and the whistle blew and we kicked off, we started chasing the ball and my friend did a massive hit and we started doing rucks.   Later we had a penalty and we were close to the try line our captain Sione Kau tap the ball, passed the ball to my friend and he broke through their line and scored a perfect try.

The time was running out fast, before we knew it,  we only had 12 minutes left, we had another penalty and we were close to the line, our captain tapped the ball and passed it to me, I went under their legs and scored a fantastic try. My friend Bono did the conversion kick and he got it in and it was Halftime!

We had 2 minutes for a  break, we talked about our defence and our  plan, the ref blew his whistle because time was up and it was south turn to kick. They kicked off and we made a lots of errors during the rest of the game, we scored 2 tries, Not knowing that there was only 12 minutes left. The south team kicked the ball and my friend Brandon, blocked the kick and took the ball, and ran off to the try line.

We had 3 more minutes left and they were close to our try line, we kept on tackling to avoid them scoring a try . We gave South lots of penalties and we only had 45 seconds before full time. It was their fifth penalty we gave them and they tapped the ball and gave it to their winger, they scored their first try. After their conversion kick the ref blew his whistle. We were screaming and cheering loudly. Full Time score 31-5.

We went back to our changing room and sang our spartan song. After that we started to singing a tongan song “E otua”. After our singing we went to the steps and a former All Black called out, Bill McLaren East team to come up and get their medals, when we went up to get our medals our coach called out our names to sing our Spartan song. We were the champions and won two years in a row and the Player of the Tournament was Sione Kau Lokeni.

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