Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Archery at Camp

Archery is a fun activity. I learnt that I have to focus to be able to hit the target. I did not hit the target and I am disappointed however, it was ok. I am pleased that I tried.  Claudia


Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Annalisa and her group at our concert at camp. They can all rock. This was a fun evening.

Food at Camp Ferndale

George's Camp Highlight

Mikaela's Camp Highlight

Kiko's Camp Highlight

All I can say was that camp was a phenomenal experience. It was extraordinary at the West Wave Pools. This was my favourite activity because no one ever gets the chance to go with all their friends to the pools and have fun. I would do anything to go back to camp and spend another day there.

Claudia's Camp Highlight

Last week my class and I went on camp to Ferndale Loge. We were put into groups. We did Archery, Blast from the past, Problem solving, Air Rifles, Outdoor cooking and Stream Science. Two of my favourite photos were these ones because I enjoyed the Archery. It was my first time camping and being away from home. 

Monday, November 19, 2018

Career Competency


During this week we have been learning about the Career Malaga (journey).
I learnt/make plan for what I wanted to become in the future.
I want to become a chef. I research the wages for chef and I investigate what I need to do to become a qualified chef. I need to work hard to achieve my dream in the future.
I had to get to know myself - I unpack some of my qualities and values that I have. Know these will help me to focus in the future with what I have in myself.
BY George

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Power of Yet

The Power of Yet is part of Room 7 philosophy for teaching and learning. We Learn, We Create, Share but if we struggled at any stage of our learning, we know that we can do it.  WE JUST NOT THERE YET.  
This is one of our movie for the Manaiakalani Movie Festival 2018.

The Ties That Binds

Room 7 movie for the Manaiakalani Festival for 2018 is based on our 60th Jubilee. We like you to have a snippet of the performances we did in our celebration. We remembers the dear Holy Faith Nuns who started our school 60 years ago.