Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Masala Restraunt !!

Masala, Masala Indian food eating butter Chicken in a very good mood.
First came entrée’ then came main all their food was hot insane!
Spice, Spice, Spice mixed with rice.
Nun bread and drinks mmmm so nice.
Cars are here, we're leaving now.
People staring at our rather large crowd.
Oh a night we’ll never forget as we leave the sun will set.

“Oh what a night, late December back in twenty ten (2010)!

Leaver's dinner

Last night was one of the best moments of this year.

It was the first time for all of the year 8 s to have a formal dinner together. we ha load of fun with each other. Entree and main was served to us with different sauces etc. (Butter chicken, Lamb chops). The food was Amazing but the thing was it was too spicy. The funniest part of the night was when we all received our certificate. everyone was laughing when we received it.

I could see that everyone was enjoying their meal especially the teachers and parents. We will never forget this moment ever. I hope we get together again and have a formal dinner.


It was early December,

This was a night to remember.

In the year of 2010,

We sat and ate with our friends.

Oh what a night!

With a beautiful sight.

Across the road from Mission Bay,

Masala-An Indian restaurant where diners stayed.

We had fun at our formal dinner,

Talking and eating with each other.

All the laughter and cheers which will always be treasured,

The friendship we have will never be measured!

This time we’ll never forget,

As we left the sun began to set.

Year 8's Dinner

Masala Restaurant was really awesome, everybody had to pay. With a view so great and on the top floor, Yr 8’s had a great time at Mission Bay.

“Typical,” I thought.
Embarrassment and frustrations raced through my mind.
I hurried up the stairs, almost in tears… To my amazement, the Year 8’s were seated,
happily treated.  I felt my face burn of redness… I was late.

Masala Restaurant is something I will never forget!
All the laughter and shouting made me crazy!
I laugh and scream, but at the end I behaved,
and that’s a night I will never forget!

Entrée first then Main meal came,
we all started digging in.
Everyone went for only one thing, not Lamb, or Beef,
but the bowl of Butter Chicken!

We all had a good night,
But it was time to go.
We all took photos first,
Then we all made our way home.

Year 8’s laugh and joke around,
with so many to tell.
But as you will know, we’re moving on,
that dinner was a great farewell.

Monday, November 15, 2010

During our year 7&8 camp at Piha my group (group 4) were excited because we were the first to go to the Archery activity. So far archery was the activity that we were looking forward too .I was nervous that I might miss the target and people would laugh.

Holding the bow and arrow aiming for the centre of the target. Focus, focus. Ready to release. I let go. The arrow zoomed across and hits the target with some accuracy I looked back to my friends and smiled. I was proud of myself.

by Ayden and Koloa

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Talent Quest

The Talent Quest

“Are we next yet ? “ I asked. Mr Coakley came in front of the crowd announcing that we were next. My heart started pounding as I walked to get a chair.

It was Rachael, Latai and I that were performing. We were singing a song called ‘Lean On Me’.
Sitting down with my hands on the ukulele shaking. I looked at Rachael, wondering when to start. Rachael and I started strumming. I just kept looking at Latai so she could start on time. I turned to focus on strumming to make sure I have the right cords.
Latai started to sing. I heard her voice wavering. Next I noticed tears came rolling down her eyes. She stopped to wipe it away. Amazingly, everyone started to sing along with her. I felt like I was going to cry too, but I kept on strumming.
by Hifo

Making a Tauaga

Room 7 is learning about Procedural Writing - Writing Instructions on how to make or do something. Our group read Washing up in Samoa and transfer the information to write an instruction on how to make a tauaga - a scrubber made from a plant. It is a very useful. People of Samoa use it for washing the dishes, bath fannel, scrubbing clothes and many others.


You need: a sharp knife
1 stem of laufao plant

1. Cut a big stem of laufao plant .
2. Peel off the outer layer of the stem.
3. Scrape the sticky flesh part of the stem away.
4. Pick the longest strand/fibre with a knife.
5. Peel it slowly from the stalk .
6. Continue to peel off each fibre until it’s finish.
7. Rub the fibres together.
8. Spread the fibres on a sack.
9. Leave the sack with the spread fibres on a sunny spot to dry.
10. Scrunch the dry-out bundle of fibres.
11. Wraps the bundle around your hand to make a roll.

BY GROUP 2 LITERACY GROUP - Sivi, Ema, Teinakura, Raelene, Seini M, Lovely

Wednesday, September 1, 2010



What inspires you the most? To me it would definitely be my friends. Why? Let me tell you.

There I was sitting nervously at the corner of the hall,
“Hifo, Latai and Rachael to the stage please”, came Mr Coakley (our principal). It was obviously our turn.
“Oww”. I had a sick feeling. My stomach seemed to sink. I found it hard to get my voice out. “Nerves”.

We organised ourselves. Mr Coakley gave us a starting nod. First strum. Second strum. We all started to sing. I began to feel emotional. I couldn’t helped myself. Tears welled down from my eyes.
“Oh no”. I tried to keep going. I didn’t want to let my friends down by ruining our song. Rachael and Hifo both turned to me and gave an encouraging nod. “ Sometimes in our lives” I continued. My voice was wavering. I found it hard to continue but I tried again.
“We all have pain”. I continued to sing. “We all have sorrow”. I could not help myself. It was impossible to carry on. “Oh no, my friends”, was what in my head.

It was halfway through our song. I was meant to lead the chorus. I couldn’t let anything out. Not even a sound. All I did was crying.

“Lean on me”. I heard a voice came from the side of the stage. It was Moli (friend). I couldn’t
believe it. The crowd was singing. My friends were singing. I stopped crying and listened.

“Truly inspiring, friends are beautiful. Beautiful like gardens of love.” I thought to myself.

Friends need to be valued.

Cross country

On Monday, the school had Cross Country. It was a sunny day and the race began with the 13 year olds, then the 12 year olds followed behind the 13 year olds, just 10 metres away.

Getting up the hill was pretty tiring for me and the boy I stuck with through the whole race. When the two of us got up to Mrs Tui, we got a mark on our hands and then we sprinted like fast wild animals. Soon we were right behind the two fastest 13 year olds. Me and Mikaele planned when to pass Isitolo and Shainane. When Mikaele and I passed Room 5 and then the two 13 year olds, I felt like Luke McAlister from the New Zealand Maori Rugby team, beating almost everyone.

I picked up my pace as my heart pumped like a gorilla pounding his chest. When I reached Mrs Oldfield, I saw a group of Room 7 girls walking in front of me but I didn't care. Mikaele and I ran past them as the two of us raced on. When we reached the hill, I sprinted fast and my legs felt as if they were going to pop. I felt proud as I finished first.

Then we watched the juniors running, cheering for them. When everyone's events were finished, Mr Coakley announced each First, Second and Third place. I had reached my goal of winning the race.

by Saufoi

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hi guys,
Enjoy the movie.
Retreat was a time for me to bond and get to know other students in Year 8. This movie is about how I arrived at the St. Francis Centre, what I did and how I felt about the experience.

The best Game of the Season

Hi guys this movie is about me having the best rugby game since I started playing rugby. Sit back and relax.


What a night is all about riding home with a friend, who talks about this programme she watches on t.v which makes it hard for me to think about anything else.


In Term Two, the Yr 8 students of St Pius X School went away to St Francis' Retreat Centre to learn more about being Responsible and showing good Leadership. One night, we got to perform a skit which entertained everyone.


My mother is my hero.
She has dark brown eyes, she also has short hair.
She has dark coloured skin like any other Islander.

My mum wears light blue jeans and a black t-shirt, and she sometimes wears reading glasses when she needs them and they obviously go around her ears.

She is a good person at being a Sunday school teacher and what she always does best being a mother.

My mum is a very calm and quiet person that enjoys watching television in her spare time and especially doing the house chores.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Special Day

On Sunday 20 June was a very special day for me because I was going to receive the Eucharist for the first time. I dressed up like a bride and I felt special.

My special day was ruined because I arrived late for the beginning of mass. I was so embarrassed and very nervous. I had to do the bible procession before the reading and it was very close to time.

As I was walking down the aisle, holding the bible up, I felt that my legs were going to come off.

Thanks goodness it was over and the mass continued.

After mass we had morning tea in the hall for all those who receive their first holy communion. Then my family went home and had a big feast to celebrate my special day with my brother. We had lots of relatives and friends over our house. By then I had forgotten about what happened in the church.

by Seini

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Best Game

My Special Day

The Big Day.
Sunday 20th of June was a special day for me. I was to receive the sacraments of Confirmation, and Holy Eucharist.
Bishop Patrick Dunn was the celebrant with Father Iosefa, our parish priest.
During the mass, I kept thinking about the communion time. As bishop was giving out communion, I waited patiently in the line for my turn.

It was a special moment. I received the Eucharist and Father Iosefa gave the chalice.
I knew and believe that I truly received my Lord Jesus Christ.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Treasure Hunt Activity at our Leadership Retreat

In week 3 of term 2 Room 7 went for an overnight Leadership Retreat at St. Francis Retreat Centre

I enjoyed this activity as I and my group worked together in following the clues to get our treasure. Mmmmmmmm.. it was a big packet of chip.
What got us through was cooperation and determination. It was a grate team effort.
By Maia

It enjoyed looking for clues and feeling the breeze through my hair and trying to hold on to our long strip of paper.

It was great running around the big compound, looking for clues. I had fun.

I really enjoyed finding the clues in mystery places! Working together in a team helped me realised that it is important to work as a team. It made me become a better leader.
Seini S

I enjoyed exploring the place while finding clues. It was great to be out of the building.
S Timu


On Thursday 6th and Friday 7th of May, Room 7 went to St. Francis Retreat Centre for our Leadership retreat. It was a great experience for all of us. We had to stay overnight at the centre. It was very exciting.
In the evening, (on Thursday), after dinner we had to do a bible mime and a skit. We worked in groups. Some were really good in making up skits and some were really dry.
Here are some of the responses from some of the girls.
My group was up first. We were very shy but we want to be over and done with. I had to encourage everyone in our group. Our skit was about Justin Bieber. It was funny, everyone roared with laughter. It was great.

I was in the same group with Seini M. I was really shy. As we sang, someone blew into my ears like speakers. I was starting to have courage to enjoy myself. We did well, I was proud that we made the crowd laugh their heads off. It was a great entertainment for the night.

The entertainment part was really fun for all of us. It was a scary feeling for me when my group had to perform but at the end, when everyone was clapping and laughing. I felt happy too.

I was so scared when I stood up with my group. I was in the same group with Seini M and Rachael. Mike and Rick were good actors. They made everyone laughed. I was glad I did not do a thing. They did well.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Room 7 Touch Tournament

Sweaty and hot Room 7 was at the field playing touch. Getting up to play was tiring enough for me, however it was a time to bond with others.
I felt weired and odd due to the fact that it was during our learning time. But we had so much fun. No reading, no writing or spelling. Hip, hip, hooray.

Yay, the game was just about to begin. The two referees blew the whistel and up went the ball in the air. I gasped for air before lunged to catch. Here I came. "Passed! Passed", the others called. Over to Francis, he ran, unfortunately the defense was so great. No gaps. He turned back, looked around and passed to Ayden.

The seven minutes went so quickly. Our time was nearly over. We were steaming hot. The referee's whistle blew and the game was over. We went out with frown faces. We lost. Despite loosing the game, we had a ball of a time. The funny part was that we had Mrs Tui (our teacher) on our side. She was good.

The next two teams went up to play. It was a tough game. They were so good. It was like watching the world cup. The referees had a hard time having to monitor the game.

When all 4 teams played we went back to the classroom and refreshed ourselves with cool nashi pears. What a great day we had.

by Justice

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Visit - Caritas

During term 1, Room 7 was focuing on writing recount. Here are some of our recount writing during the term.

The Visit
"Good afternoon Room 4 and Room 7", Mary (NZ Caritas worker) greeted us in a formal way and she introduced her collegue, Senolita, (a Caritas nun from Tonga).
Senolita greeted us again and explained her work in Tonga. Her job is to support people in need in Tonga. Her focus now is on families that has been affected by the sinking boat that lost about 90 lives and the victims of the Tsunami. She showed us a slide of people that lost their homes and families. It was really sad.
We felt sad for them. We wish we can help. She said we can help by putting coins into our Caritas box during lent.
She finished off her talk with a lovely Tongan dance. Everyone clapped and joined in the singing.
At the end Rachael stood up and thank you on our behalf.
by Emalata and Melelua

Today is Holy Thursday. St. Pius X School had an Easter liturgy. We celerated and remembered the life of Jesus - His passion, His death and resurrection.

In the liturgy, symbols of Jesus' life was brought from the back of the church up to the altar. Each symbol came with a candle.

Children were singing really well. There were lots of parents and Father Iosefa, our parish priest was there too.

It was a holy and solmn liturgy.

Mr Coakley wished everyone a blessing Easter at the end before we all sung the final hymn.

by Maia and Simone