Thursday, February 18, 2016

Anthony's Narrative Writing

On a Tuesday morning december 15 1957 there stayed a girl with her two enormous brothers at 101 line road the names were Francesca, Jake and Sam. One day the brothers told their young sister Francesca to stay home while they were going to there friends house. While they were gone the young sister was worried that they left her alone at home and wasn’t going to return. So that night there young sister sneaked out of the house and into the searching for her two older brothers.   

Later that night while she was searching, she saw a house covered with wood. She was tired so she decided to go and have a break. When she walked inside it looked flash. The young girl was amazed so she  decided that she was going to have a rest. Once her two brothers got home from there friends house, they called out her name but she was nowhere to be found.

Next Jake and Sam started to get worried so off they went looking for her. During their mission, Sam spotted a house with wood covered on it so he screamed out to Jake that he had spotted a house with wood on it so they quickly ran.

When she was finally found, everyone was in a great relieved that there sister was found. They hugged and kissed her and said we hope you will learn a lesson from this and it’ll never happen again.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Welcome Back to 2016!

Welcome back to 2016! This year our class is full of Yr 7 and 8's. Our class is also mixed with new students from Room 6 and old students from Room 7 2015. This year has kicked off really well. This week we had our Ash Wednesday and Opening Mass, now we are preparing for Testing Week. We also introduce our new leaders for St Pius X Catholic School of 2016. Now we can't wait for the rest of the year!