Friday, October 31, 2008

Mixed Feelings

Poor Daniel, he just made it in to try-out for the Warriors Team. His father is not interested and he is worried about his mates at school and what they will say, especially the boy without the brain, Phil Domane. He is a bully but he is the captain of their school rugby league.
Watch the hot seat of the Flea Group.

Wall of Thoughts

We expressed our opinions about Josh. Josh is finding it hard at school as Shane is always competing with him. Josh tries to keep his cool.

This is what we call a wall of thoughts.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Fia Warrior

Kia Ora Everyone, we are the second group in Room 7. We are reading Henry and the Flea by Brian Falkner.
Can you imagine a 12 years old boy to be in the Warrior's squad?
If you think not, think again. This is a story about Daniel who made it to the squad by winning a bet against the coach.

Daniel is very brave and confident in himself to even ask the coach for a trial for the Warriors.

Would he last? This will change his life. We will inform you on how Daniel deals with the adult world and being a 12 years old.

Hell has just began

Hi Everyone, We are the Buddy Group. We are reading a book called Buddy by V.M Jones.
Chapter 1: Wow! what a beginning!
We are being introduced in chapter 1 to a family that the mum and dad have separated and Josh, the son has to live with the dad and the new girlfriend.
The girlfriend came in and changed everything. No takeaways, no TV time, dad begins to cook and more........... but the worst was that Josh HAS NO MORE QUALITY TIME WITH HIS DAD.
Do you think he can cope?
Stay tune and we will keep you informed.