Friday, September 4, 2015

The Sacraments = Anthony

Friday 4 Sep 2015
Learn: I can name the 3 group of sacraments.
WALT : What I need to learn is to name three groups of sacraments.

Initiation is the first group of the sacraments. In the group Initiation there are three sacraments under this group and they are Baptism, Confirmation and the Eucharist.
Image result for ConfirmationImage result for eucharist
Baptism Confirmation Eucharist
Healing  is  the  second group, Their are 2 sacraments under The group Healing, which are Anointing and Reconciliation.
Image result for anointing of the sickImage result for reconciliation
Anointing of the sick Reconciliation
Commitment is the last group of the sacraments. There are two sacraments under this group, which are marriage and Holy Orders.
Image result for marriageImage result for holy orders
Marriage    Holy Order

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Alecia's Big Race

We made our way across the road to the Seventh Day Adventist church in our houses. Tui’s, Gecko’s, Kea’s and Kiwi’s. I was in Tui’s with Jane, Frank, Justin, Valensia, Pepe and my sister Sonya. They were all classmates of mine. When we made it their we all sat down. When we were settled Mr Slade finally said with excitement, “Welcome everyone to St Pius X’s Cross Country for 2015!”

I could not contain my excitement! I was very excitement for this years Cross Country mainly because of the route that we were running. There were my Aunt's family and my Grandpa. Tui’s were red so we wore the colour red. While Gecko’s were green, Kiwi’s were yellow and Kea’s were blue. Each house would get house would get points for organisation and sportsmanship. We would also get points for the best chant and who would come first, second, third, fourth and fifth.

The first group were the Rm’s 1 and 4. Then it would be Year 7 and 8. I was in Year 7 so I was up next. We got our kids organised and they went to the start line. “Bang!” Went the 2 blocks and they headed off. They left and then Mr Slade asked the Year 7 and 8’s to come forward. With my heart pounding out of my chest I stepped up to the start/finish line. “1, 2, 3 GO!” Mrs Tui shouted and we were off I knew that I shouldn’t run too fast otherwise halfway through the race I would be way too tired. So instead I kept a steady past.

We were halfway through the first round and there were only a few people in front of me. I was going for my second round when I heard a familiar voice. I looked around and then there I saw him. My Dad was standing right there cheering me on. At that moment I was very happy because I thought that my father was not going to come. But I guess that he had a chance to come.

I was so excited that it gave me a boost and I was able to go a little bit faster. During my second round I just thought of how proud that I am. But before I knew I was nearly finish with my second round and going onto my third round. During my third round I was getting a little unstable but was hanging in there. When going down hill I just ran the whole way and eventually I was nearly at the finish line.

When I made it their I was so relieved and proud of myself! It is because I completed the track and nearly jogged the whole way. When I went to Mrs Williams I found out that I came first out of the Year 7 girls! I was so proud of myself and that just made me jump up and down feeling proud. My Dad came up and hugged me. I told him that I came first and he told me how proud he was of me.

Then after that the race was nearly over and everyone just sat down and relaxed. But it wasn’t over yet cause we still had our chant battle left. So how it went was that Mr Slade was thinking of a number between 1 - 20. Which ever house guess the number closes to Mr Slade’s number then they will go first. Then they will pick the next house to go. So kiwi’s went first, I really liked their chant and everyone clapped and cheered.

But next they picked us I was very nervous. We practiced very hard to get it right. When we started I felt myself becoming more confident and didn’t feel nervous anymore. Our chant was over and everyone just clapped continuously . We then chose the Gecko’s to go next. Then the Kea’s, it was up to the parents to choose who had the best chant.

When they finished voting Mr Coakley rallied up the votes. I was so nervous because I really wanted us to win. The suspense was killing me and I just couldn't wait any longer! He announced it and eventually... Tui’s won the chant battle!! We were so happy and over the moon with happiness. It was the Tui’s who came first, second the Kiwi’s, Third Kea’s and Fourth Gecko’s.

But the house that won the whole thing was the house that had the most points. Eventually that was Kiwi’s! Our buddy house. We were very happy for them. After this the race was over and everyone packed up. Then everyone went to their classes and relaxed.

After that race I felt so tired and sore but very joyful as well! Tired obviously because of the race. I was sore because of all the practice that we had. I was very joyful because all the hard work payed off. My highlight was when I crossed the finish line. This is because I knew that I had accomplished the race and that I had made my Dad proud.

Now I can’t wait for next year!