Sunday, April 4, 2010

Room 7 Touch Tournament

Sweaty and hot Room 7 was at the field playing touch. Getting up to play was tiring enough for me, however it was a time to bond with others.
I felt weired and odd due to the fact that it was during our learning time. But we had so much fun. No reading, no writing or spelling. Hip, hip, hooray.

Yay, the game was just about to begin. The two referees blew the whistel and up went the ball in the air. I gasped for air before lunged to catch. Here I came. "Passed! Passed", the others called. Over to Francis, he ran, unfortunately the defense was so great. No gaps. He turned back, looked around and passed to Ayden.

The seven minutes went so quickly. Our time was nearly over. We were steaming hot. The referee's whistle blew and the game was over. We went out with frown faces. We lost. Despite loosing the game, we had a ball of a time. The funny part was that we had Mrs Tui (our teacher) on our side. She was good.

The next two teams went up to play. It was a tough game. They were so good. It was like watching the world cup. The referees had a hard time having to monitor the game.

When all 4 teams played we went back to the classroom and refreshed ourselves with cool nashi pears. What a great day we had.

by Justice

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Visit - Caritas

During term 1, Room 7 was focuing on writing recount. Here are some of our recount writing during the term.

The Visit
"Good afternoon Room 4 and Room 7", Mary (NZ Caritas worker) greeted us in a formal way and she introduced her collegue, Senolita, (a Caritas nun from Tonga).
Senolita greeted us again and explained her work in Tonga. Her job is to support people in need in Tonga. Her focus now is on families that has been affected by the sinking boat that lost about 90 lives and the victims of the Tsunami. She showed us a slide of people that lost their homes and families. It was really sad.
We felt sad for them. We wish we can help. She said we can help by putting coins into our Caritas box during lent.
She finished off her talk with a lovely Tongan dance. Everyone clapped and joined in the singing.
At the end Rachael stood up and thank you on our behalf.
by Emalata and Melelua

Today is Holy Thursday. St. Pius X School had an Easter liturgy. We celerated and remembered the life of Jesus - His passion, His death and resurrection.

In the liturgy, symbols of Jesus' life was brought from the back of the church up to the altar. Each symbol came with a candle.

Children were singing really well. There were lots of parents and Father Iosefa, our parish priest was there too.

It was a holy and solmn liturgy.

Mr Coakley wished everyone a blessing Easter at the end before we all sung the final hymn.

by Maia and Simone