Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Visit - Caritas

During term 1, Room 7 was focuing on writing recount. Here are some of our recount writing during the term.

The Visit
"Good afternoon Room 4 and Room 7", Mary (NZ Caritas worker) greeted us in a formal way and she introduced her collegue, Senolita, (a Caritas nun from Tonga).
Senolita greeted us again and explained her work in Tonga. Her job is to support people in need in Tonga. Her focus now is on families that has been affected by the sinking boat that lost about 90 lives and the victims of the Tsunami. She showed us a slide of people that lost their homes and families. It was really sad.
We felt sad for them. We wish we can help. She said we can help by putting coins into our Caritas box during lent.
She finished off her talk with a lovely Tongan dance. Everyone clapped and joined in the singing.
At the end Rachael stood up and thank you on our behalf.
by Emalata and Melelua