Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Rosrine's Prayer DLO

Joshua's Prayer DLO

hat are the forms of pray I know?

Forms of Prayer -

Prayer is connecting to God -
When we sing in Church -
Traditional Prayer -
Spontaneous Prayer -
Examples -

Using our senses, Natures and Creation
Mo Maria, Thank You
Our Father,Hail Mary & Glory Be
Dear Heavenly Father Look after our class

Prayer is connecting to God using our senses, nature or creation.
When we sing in church is a prayer. ( Songs )
When we say the Traditional Prayer. ( Our Father, Hail Mary & Glory Be )
When we say the Lexio Divina.

When we talk to God using our human senses.

Olga's Prayer DLO

Friday, July 8, 2016

Olga's Term 2 Reflection Video

Lusia's Matariki Art Work

For the past 3 weeks I have been learning the maori celebration called matariki.
- I have learnt that Matariki has always been an Important time in the Maori calendar. It was a time for the community to come together to farewell those departed and acknowledge the year gone by.

This is my matariki art.

Olga's Term 2 Reflection Writing

This term 2 It was so not nice but fun,because there’s some times that I feel alone because I think no one like me. But this term is so taft because I am really confuse on my learnings. Sometimes I don’t know what I am going to do,but It’s so fun because we have done a lot of activities this term 2.

I am confident now hot to back fight to them through words because If I did not do that they will not stop teasing me. My favorite part of this term is our Retreat at St francis because I really enjoy it and It was so blessedful and so fun and scary I really enjoyed this term.

Hope that our term 3 our going to be good and hope that anyone will not bully anyone and no one will be bad to others. Goodbye Term 2 hello term 3.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Lusia's Book Character Day Writing

Today we had a Book Character day. So today morning we had to dress up as your favourite book character or game character. And I dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. So firstly I did was to get dressed and do my hair. After I did those things I put my lunch box in my bag also my netbook and went in the car.

When I went in the car I was thinking about what everyone else was wearing. Once we got there I saw my friends dressed as einstein,nerd,cinderella's stepmother and lots more. But then when I went to the basketball court and played shoots I saw all these beautiful princess walking out of there cars and inside their classrooms.

There was heaps of  scary and beautiful pirates and elsas at school. Then after awhile it was time to go to class and wait for the hall to set up. So when i was sitting down in my table doing art my friend who dressed up so amazing as a anne of green gables. And she was dressed as an orphan girl witch is the main character.

Then after we did art it was time to go in the hall for the parade. So we went and sat down and all I saw was beautiful and scary costumes all over the place. Then our presenters did a prayer in maori and we sang our school prayer. Then after that we sang the New Zealand national anthem.

Then after we sang the New Zealand anthem our presenters told the junior class (room 1) to come up and show their costumes to the parents and the audience.  Then after their beautiful costumes there were wearing it was room 4 next. Then after room 4 room 3. Some of them were wearing farmer character and cinderella character.

Then after room 3’s turn it was room 5’s turn. Then after room 5’s turn it was our turn. Our presenters ask me who i was and i said i'm little red riding hood and the others were been asked too. After that we sat down and listened to mr cockley presenting the caught being goods. After that he presented the honour awards.

Then after that it was time to walk out of the hall and show off our  interesting costumes. Then when we went outside we took photos and we had morning tea. It was a amazing time.

Lusia's Cathedral Writing

St Pius the tenth had an opportunity to go to the cathedral. We went to the cathedral because it was year of mercy. So first we were going for morning tea time and we were getting ready to go. We went to get our soul friends and look after them when we go to the city. After a little while the bus was there and we had to go to the bus quickly.

Once we arrived we were waiting for the people to get in the cathedral so we can go inside from the other side. When we were getting inside we went past the merciful door and touched the holy water from the cathedral. Then as we went to sit down I saw the big layout of the church, Stained glass windows, Ascension and Assumption. And I also saw the baptismal font.

And father came and we stood up and sang a song to welcome him. After father came and sat down he told us that this chair next to him was the bishops chair, noone can sit in that chair except for the Bishop of the Diocese of Auckland. And one of the readers were reading about how pilgrimage journey of mercy and how he were going through on his journey. Then after he had finished his last sentence on the bible everyone stood up and we were listening to what father was saying.

Then me and all the kids from St Pius kneeled down and listened to fathers talking about the bread and wine. Then after a while we stood up to sing the bread broken song and some people were receiving the body of Christ. Then after they got their bread it was our turn to get blessed and receive holy communion. Then after we got blessed by father then we went back to our seats and waited awhile.
After a awhile I felt hungry and thinking of food. But when we finished the mass we went to have a tour around the church and the first thing I saw was the foundation stone. Father told us about the foundation stone story. The church is 150 years old and it’s still up and running.

After he showed us a tour he told us to sing a song it goes like this “Merciful like the father”. Heaps of times till we all touched water of mercy and went outside past the merciful door. When we went outside we went straight to Liston hall next to the cathedral to have lunch there. Then after we had lunch we were playing hand games till the bus came.

As soon as the bus came our teachers were taking us to the bus to go back to school. And once we came back to school we were tired but happy we went to the cathedral. Then we went to go play because it wasn’t time till the end of the day.

Lusia's Pepeha

Ko Maungarei to maunga
Ko Tamaki Te awa
Ko Ruapotaka te marae
Ko Hato Pae te Kura
Ko Lusia taku ingoa