Saturday, March 1, 2014

Room 7 has 3 learning hubs.  Each hub has its own leader and rules for how they work.  This is an addition to the classroom treaty/rules.   The hubs have a range of learning abilities and we based our thinking in cooperative learning.  The children choose who they would work with.  Everyone is responsible for each other's learning.   

The Learning Hub for Week 4 is  Hub 3.

Opening Mass 2014

Opening mass for the year is always a special occasion for St. Pius X Catholic.  The Student Leaders and the the Staff are commissioned by the parish priest.

Student Leadership Team 2014

Dawn, Zheiyna, Sione Toa, Deja & Ascott.

                                        Blessing of the Staff.

In Room 7, we started a Student of the Week by having a draw from our  Caught Being Good Award box at the end of each week.   We began in week 3 and the student of the week was:-
                                                       Deja for the virtue of Responsibility. 
In week 4, Taiwan is Student of the week.
He was caught practising the virtue of Self Control.

For week 5, Valenisia is the student of the week.  She has be                                                               caught practising the virtue of Commitment.

Faith & Harmony 2013

Faith & Harmony 2013

Faith and Harmony Group 2013