Friday, February 23, 2018

Bio Poem by Annalisa

Annalisa's Blog Spot

Intelligent, Beautiful, Hard working, Loyal.
Daughter of Tracey and Niko Kakino Toetau.
Sister of Anthony, Junior and Shannon.
Lover of Harry Potter books, Fast foods and watching
animated movies.
My best experiences of life is my grandpa's 85th birthday,
The birth of my nephew and when the new map of
Fortnite came out.
I fear anything insect that can fly, Not making my parents
proud, Drowning.
Making my parents proud is an accomplishment
Trying hard and not giving up.
I want to experience the feeling of giving birth.
Born in Auckland, New Zealand and raised in
Glen Innes, East Auckland

Kakino Toetau

Figure me out by Jerome

Jerome's Blog Spot
Today we had to answer all of the questions below 
and write down equations that made up to that 
particular number:

My age - 11
5+6=11, 20-9=11, 1x11, 222=11.

My birth month - November - 11
10+1=11, 13-2=11, 1x11=11, 444=11

My birthdate - 21
20+1=21, 25-4=21, 3x7=21, 1055= 21.

My Shoe Size - 10
5+5=10, 20-10=10, 2x5=10, 10010=10

The Number on my Letterbox - 4
1+3=4, 20-16=4, 1x4=, 40=4

The number of movies I watched this year - 16
16+0=16, 20-4=16, 2x8=16, 322 = 16

The Number of songs that are my favourite - 28
14+14=28, 30-2=28, 4x7=28, 562=28

The Number of friends I have - 125
120+5=125, 130-5=125, 5x25, 2502=125

The number of the letter in my name - 6
3+3=6, 10-4=6, 3x2=6, 122=6

The number of siblings I have - 4

3+1=4, 10-6=4, 4x0=4 , 14=4

Bio Poem created by Maris Stella

Bio Poem By Maris Stella
Maris Stella
Annoying, Cheerful, Honest, Talented
Daughter of Peter & Lupe Sosefo
Loves Sushi, Ice Cream, Pizza,
going to the beach,
and spending time with my family
Fears spiders, brothers' friends, getting a hiding
Wishes to achieve something,
at the end of the year, and to Tonga
Born at Middlemore Hospital,
New Zealand.
Resides at 8 Parata Street,
Pt England.

Figure me out by Telesia

Telesia's Blog Spot
Today we had to answer all of the questions below and write down factors that made up to that particular number:

Bio Poem & Figure me out by Joseph

Joseph's Blog Spot
Learn - To describe myself using the structure of a bio poem.

Someone that is Big, Loud and Funny,
Son of Mariah and Tusa Mulipola,
Lover of Fried Chicken,Nature and Family,
Travelling to Samoa, Being with Family and Friends,
High Places, Large Insects and Ghosts
Travelling from somewhere on a Boat
Snow and Climbing a Mountain,
Auckland, New Zealand,

Figure Me Out by Katelyn

"Figure Me Out Maths" by Katelyn
Katelyn's Blog
LEARN:  I can find equations that equal the numbers that relates to me.

Bio Poem by Samuel

Bio Poem written by Samuel

Learn: To describe myself using the structure of a bio poem.

Funny, Smart, Couch Potato
Son of Mata and Samu
Lover of Chinese food, RC cars, traveling
Who played paintball for the first time, went to Parakai pools, love playing dodgeball
Who fears Dying, Getting injured, my mum and dad dying
I have accomplished to earn money by looking after my little cousin
Who needs to experience being in an escape room,
I want to see a ghost in my house breaking everything,
I want to see someone break into my house.
Born in the Auckland Hospital and I live in Panmure

Friday, February 16, 2018

"Our Hip Hop Class" by Izayah

Izayah's Blog Spot
Learn: I can transfer my writing into a creative google

Kiwi Kids News - Response from Claudia

Claudia's Response to a Kiwi Kids News Article - Cyclone Gita
The article that i’m reading about Tonga getting hit by the worst storm in 60-years.
My thoughts on the article is sad because people who have lots there house has no
where to stay no food to cook and no water to keep them going.
 It is also sad because some people have got hurt and families that have lost people.
he islands of Tonga have been devastated by Tropical Cyclone Gita with winds of
230 km/h.  

Reading Review by Joseph

Review by Joseph
White tail Spiders
The white tail spiders are coming around people's houses and can hide
inside of your shoes but, they are not dangerous when they bite it's the
infection that comes after. I think this is very helpful for kids because if you or
you're parents get bitten the children know what to do….. GO TO THE
Link to Joseph's Blog Spot: Joseph's Blog Spot

Reading Response by Falakiko

Falakiko's Response to the article - "Cyclone Gita":
Falakiko's Blog Spot

 School children and teachers stand outside a make-shift tent school

Response to the Text:

I think that the cyclone that happened in Tonga was such a sad tragedy. It is amazing to see the support
of different organisation around the world. The Tongans are devastated with what happened but with
the support of overseas agencies, they are able to keep going.
I like how these school children have to keep on with their learning in the tent.
I count my blessing.

"Being Interviewed" by Aaliyah

Being Interviewed, Seven Sharp - By Aaliyah
It was the first day of school, it was the day I was interviewed by Seven Sharp (along with Katelyn) !
Click Here to learn more about the Interview

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Jerome's Lent Poster

Lent Poster  by Jerome 

LEARN: Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the Lent Season. It is for 40 days up to Good Friday. This is a time where the Church encourages us to focus on being more like Jesus.

Welcome Poster by Mackey

Mackey's Welcome Poster

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Welcome 2018

The 2018 school year started with a special liturgy. We welcomed that sisters from the Vatican who brought the statue of Mary of Fatima. It is one of the 6 statues that Pope Francis blessed in Rome and send to different corners of the world. 

We sang and prayed the rosary with Sister Mary and four other nuns.

Our photo with the special statue of Mary of Fatima.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

"Welcome to 2018" by Laki

Laki's Blog Spot
Learn: To welcome you blog viewers to your blog for this