Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What a surprise! Arriving at school on a wet Wednesday morning, everything is the same. My teacher was working away with most of Room 7 before the bell goes. I heard someone saying that the Warrior Players are coming to visit our school today. My ears pricked and I wanted to find out but no one seems to know.  
The bell rang and Mr Coakley, our principal, is telling people to go to the hall. I was really excited because I’m a staunch supporter of the Vodafone Warriors. 
As I entered the hall I saw the two Warrior players. They were Ken Maumalo and David Bhana who mostly play in the New South Wales Cup Warriors team which is the reserve grade for the Vodafone Warriors. I smiled with excitement.

They talked to the whole school and did a few games with us. They gave some children drink bottles and mini rugby balls. 
Later, they play a few drills with us. I really lucky to be the group that played with them. I enjoyed doing a few drills with Ken and David. We did some basic passing and running drills which will help us during a Rugby League game. I was also privileged to receive a small Warriors League ball. At the end, we had a class photo we them.  
Justin and I had the opportunity to talk with them and got them to sign our League balls.

It was a great visit!!! by Patrick

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Anthony's Maori Work

This week is maori week,me and my group chose to do The Legend of Te Aro Huruhuru. It was a sad story because Te Aro Huruhuru committed suicide because she got embarrassed.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Anthony's Prototec Test

Screenshot 2015-07-24 at 13.47.07.png
I have improved a lot from last time I have done this basic fact.
Screenshot 2015-07-24 at 12.52.52.png

Jane's Holiday Recount

The last day of school I had been really busy at the hospital which is why I didn’t make it to school.

Everyone's waiting patiently but I wasn’t, I was everywhere because I couldn’t keep my excitement to myself. I think some of my family member were a bit annoyed of my reaction towards the good news they were spreading. I was totally filled with joy and couldn’t even think about anything else. Waiting  patiently was too long for me to hold and I was making a big fuss about it.

Finally the moment had come. My little nephew had finally arrive into the world. We all entered the room and saw him lying down on his mothers chest. He was a little greedy boy because his arrival had stolen everyone's heart from the very beginning. Everyone got a chance to hold him, I was the first to actually say welcome to the world “Francis”. He’s a really cute, tiny little boy. No words can explain how over the moon I was when he arrived.

Later on that day we headed home and that whole afternoon I spent holding him and giving him a nice warm cuddle. He is irreplaceable, in my family’s heart that is where he’ll always be. Last year on my mother’s birthday she wished to have a grandchild on her 40th birthday. She was filled with smiles when her wish had been granted. I spend my whole holiday babysitting my little nephew.

All the time waiting patiently in the hospital was worth it. No words can describe how excited we all were on that day. I wish Francis a happy and peaceful life. I am really looking forward for his future.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Anthony - Lectio Divina

Today we learnt about Lectio Divina, 
Lectio Divina is a prayerful reading. Lectio divina is a traditional prayer.


Dear God,
you asked us to kind Please help me to be kind to one another.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Room 7 Virtue Tree

In RE, Room 7 learnt about "What God Desires from Humanity."  We learnt that God wants all of us to grow in holiness and be virtuous.  We can grow in holiness and our virtue if we pray often, Read the gospels, Go to church and follow the footsteps of Jesus.