Friday, June 23, 2017

The Haunted House

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Haunted House

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- Beni 

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Titles Of Jesus

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Pio's Best Writing

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Today at the count we had tennis for kiwisport with coach Campbell.
At the count coach campbell had a new machine for us to catch with one hand and two hands. It was really hard because the balls were flying at me so fast I couldn’t even see it flying at me.

Later on it was the girls turn to go onto the balls machine. I started to whine because The ball machine was cool.

The Tennis Ball Machine - Beware!

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- Von's Best Writing!

Tennis Writing to Mr. Campbell

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- Lusia

GOAL: To ensure that my writing clearly flows to guide the reader in relation to my purpose.

The Flying Ball

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GOAL: To organise my writing into paragraphs in which the ideas are clearly related and linking these paragraphs.

Caroline's Best Writing (Term 2,2017)

Mothers hold their child's hands for a little while, but their hearts forever. Kids are very special and thankful to have their mums in their life, some don’t.

My mum is the most important person in my life and my dad. My mum was the one who went through everything to give me life. My mum’s arms were always open when I needed her, she was always my friend who understands me, her strength and love helped and guided me.

She taught me what is right from wrong and also about the dangerous things in life. She’ll always have my back no matter what goes on, she’ll always take my side even if I'm wrong to show me comfort and forgiveness. Although I have relatives that love me also but the love my mother has for me is unconditional and I feel special about that.

I can never repay my mother as she would pick the sun and stars for me if she could, just to make I and my siblings feel special. My siblings and I are very blessed to have a mother who is beautiful inside and out, very supportive but most importantly the most loving and caring mother I could have ever asked for.

I love my mum endlessly. NO-ONE will ever replace you being my mother.

Love you mum xo

Ana-Lei's Religious Education (Term 2,2017)

- Ana - Lei's

Brooke's Holy Spirit Strand .

Brooke has learnt about more Gifts & Fruits that are from the Holy Spirit .
Brooke's Learn: To understand and know the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit .

Aaliyah's Best Writing (Term 2,2017)

Enjoyment is provided by Tennis

Learning Intention:

  • I will learn to work on paragraphs, not only at school but in my spare time at home.

Smiles and Laughs, all thanks to our Coach Campbell. Everyone in Spx Nu’u loves playing tennis, including Mrs Tui. Today’s lesson was enjoyable, everyone dodging balls like bullets, or catching them like arrows. The court was like World War 3, balls like bullets flying everywhere, either injuring someone or missing them by a centimetre.

“Harry” was the most frightening to verse. No, it is not a person it’s actually a Tennis ball machine. Even though it’s a machine, when it hits you, it’s like being shot. It was my turn. I was nervous, I waited for it’s fire ball of fury, it came at me like the speed of lightning. Bang! It hit my chest at full speed, “Owwww!” I never thought I would make back alive, but I survived.

Though my chest throbbed, I walked to the next station. Tennis rackets were  scattered all over the court, each one was picked like flowers and held like badges. Tennis rackets flew in the air, each one coming down “Bang!” Tennis balls flew across the court and down, like birds being hit by a stone.

Mikaela's Religious Education

God Strand - Te Atua
Learn 2: Recognise that creation shows God’s glory and goodness to the world.
What do YOU see God through?
I see God through all the sea and land creatures because he created them all with uniqueness just like us humans.
What do you think reflects the glory of God?
I think that the rain and sun shows the glory of God because the rain really helps the flowers,trees and things grow. Then the sun also helps nature like the rainforests stay alive. I also think that the rain represents God when he is sad and that when the sun is shining God is happy.