Monday, August 9, 2010

Hi guys,
Enjoy the movie.
Retreat was a time for me to bond and get to know other students in Year 8. This movie is about how I arrived at the St. Francis Centre, what I did and how I felt about the experience.

The best Game of the Season

Hi guys this movie is about me having the best rugby game since I started playing rugby. Sit back and relax.


What a night is all about riding home with a friend, who talks about this programme she watches on t.v which makes it hard for me to think about anything else.


In Term Two, the Yr 8 students of St Pius X School went away to St Francis' Retreat Centre to learn more about being Responsible and showing good Leadership. One night, we got to perform a skit which entertained everyone.


My mother is my hero.
She has dark brown eyes, she also has short hair.
She has dark coloured skin like any other Islander.

My mum wears light blue jeans and a black t-shirt, and she sometimes wears reading glasses when she needs them and they obviously go around her ears.

She is a good person at being a Sunday school teacher and what she always does best being a mother.

My mum is a very calm and quiet person that enjoys watching television in her spare time and especially doing the house chores.