Monday, August 9, 2010


My mother is my hero.
She has dark brown eyes, she also has short hair.
She has dark coloured skin like any other Islander.

My mum wears light blue jeans and a black t-shirt, and she sometimes wears reading glasses when she needs them and they obviously go around her ears.

She is a good person at being a Sunday school teacher and what she always does best being a mother.

My mum is a very calm and quiet person that enjoys watching television in her spare time and especially doing the house chores.


Ofa kautai said...

Now that is one good story Racheal I think my Mum might not be my hero but I guess my hero is someone so gentle and quiet at times

Anonymous said...

What a lovely piece of writing, Sepa. I like how you described your mother in many different ways. Keep up the awesome work.

spxroom7 said...

what a great job you did in your writting Sepa.Your very lucky to have a mum so loving an caring, I like how you described what your mum wears an other funny things.Keep up the good work.
Hey Ofa thought it was Racheals, maybe you would like to edit your poem a bit so you can add your name.
Simone Teleso:)