Thursday, July 7, 2016

Lusia's Book Character Day Writing

Today we had a Book Character day. So today morning we had to dress up as your favourite book character or game character. And I dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. So firstly I did was to get dressed and do my hair. After I did those things I put my lunch box in my bag also my netbook and went in the car.

When I went in the car I was thinking about what everyone else was wearing. Once we got there I saw my friends dressed as einstein,nerd,cinderella's stepmother and lots more. But then when I went to the basketball court and played shoots I saw all these beautiful princess walking out of there cars and inside their classrooms.

There was heaps of  scary and beautiful pirates and elsas at school. Then after awhile it was time to go to class and wait for the hall to set up. So when i was sitting down in my table doing art my friend who dressed up so amazing as a anne of green gables. And she was dressed as an orphan girl witch is the main character.

Then after we did art it was time to go in the hall for the parade. So we went and sat down and all I saw was beautiful and scary costumes all over the place. Then our presenters did a prayer in maori and we sang our school prayer. Then after that we sang the New Zealand national anthem.

Then after we sang the New Zealand anthem our presenters told the junior class (room 1) to come up and show their costumes to the parents and the audience.  Then after their beautiful costumes there were wearing it was room 4 next. Then after room 4 room 3. Some of them were wearing farmer character and cinderella character.

Then after room 3’s turn it was room 5’s turn. Then after room 5’s turn it was our turn. Our presenters ask me who i was and i said i'm little red riding hood and the others were been asked too. After that we sat down and listened to mr cockley presenting the caught being goods. After that he presented the honour awards.

Then after that it was time to walk out of the hall and show off our  interesting costumes. Then when we went outside we took photos and we had morning tea. It was a amazing time.

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Charlize said...

I really liked your recount about book character day, keep up the great work.