Thursday, September 2, 2010

Making a Tauaga

Room 7 is learning about Procedural Writing - Writing Instructions on how to make or do something. Our group read Washing up in Samoa and transfer the information to write an instruction on how to make a tauaga - a scrubber made from a plant. It is a very useful. People of Samoa use it for washing the dishes, bath fannel, scrubbing clothes and many others.


You need: a sharp knife
1 stem of laufao plant

1. Cut a big stem of laufao plant .
2. Peel off the outer layer of the stem.
3. Scrape the sticky flesh part of the stem away.
4. Pick the longest strand/fibre with a knife.
5. Peel it slowly from the stalk .
6. Continue to peel off each fibre until it’s finish.
7. Rub the fibres together.
8. Spread the fibres on a sack.
9. Leave the sack with the spread fibres on a sunny spot to dry.
10. Scrunch the dry-out bundle of fibres.
11. Wraps the bundle around your hand to make a roll.

BY GROUP 2 LITERACY GROUP - Sivi, Ema, Teinakura, Raelene, Seini M, Lovely

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