Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cross country

On Monday, the school had Cross Country. It was a sunny day and the race began with the 13 year olds, then the 12 year olds followed behind the 13 year olds, just 10 metres away.

Getting up the hill was pretty tiring for me and the boy I stuck with through the whole race. When the two of us got up to Mrs Tui, we got a mark on our hands and then we sprinted like fast wild animals. Soon we were right behind the two fastest 13 year olds. Me and Mikaele planned when to pass Isitolo and Shainane. When Mikaele and I passed Room 5 and then the two 13 year olds, I felt like Luke McAlister from the New Zealand Maori Rugby team, beating almost everyone.

I picked up my pace as my heart pumped like a gorilla pounding his chest. When I reached Mrs Oldfield, I saw a group of Room 7 girls walking in front of me but I didn't care. Mikaele and I ran past them as the two of us raced on. When we reached the hill, I sprinted fast and my legs felt as if they were going to pop. I felt proud as I finished first.

Then we watched the juniors running, cheering for them. When everyone's events were finished, Mr Coakley announced each First, Second and Third place. I had reached my goal of winning the race.

by Saufoi

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SPX - Room 7 said...

Saufoi, I liked the way you used similie - "my heart pumped like a gorilla pounding his chest".
Great effort Saufoi, keep it up.
Mrs Tui