Friday, August 14, 2015

Sonya's Netball Tournament Recount

Whistle’s blown everywhere, short skirts worn, &  balls thrown everywhere. Yesterday the year 8 & 7 team went to the  netball tournament. It was a indescribable experience. It started off with a cold and cloudy day. I was so nervous my teeth shook wildly. The other teams looked very experienced and intimidating.

The day started off with the year 7’s first game, which in my opinion was a awesome way to start the day. Our year 8 team had alot of time to get ready for our first team, while we waited we watched a male match. It was quite different and it looked fun. A couple of minutes later our first game was going to commence. So we all rushed to the court to start the game.

In total we had 4 games, plus the 1 night game.  I especially liked meeting new people & mixing with different schools. I couldn't resist but to feel nervous throughout the games and day. I had to make sure that  my nerves did not affect the game. I played as hard as I could, which is all that mattered.

I enjoyed myself, and I hope everyone else did. The beautiful, rough day ended off with a frozen drink. Which was what we all needed. I will always cherish this  day, and the honour of playing with my friends.

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