Saturday, August 8, 2015

Frank's Hockey Experiance

In the morning, Room 7 witnessed a new sport to the school called Hockey. I was looking forward to Hockey because I wanted to know more of the sport. It hit the time of 9:45 and we all lined up outside the hall. The instructor told us to come inside and place ourselves down.

We placed ourselves down and waited for the other people to come. We started our kiwisport with a warm - up. Our first warm - up was a relay. Next we moved on to the monkey crawl. It was difficult to find our grip because it the floor is slippery. Later, the instructor told us to stand next to the hockey stick.

He told us our to hold the grip and the rules in the hockey. After we got that, the instructor directed us to grab a ball and find a space to yourself. Then, instructor taught us some hockey dribbling moves. Then we moved on to a challenge.

We had to hit the ball with the hockey stick as much as we could within a minute. I managed to get 62, that was my high score. With a few minutes left, we played a game. It was fun and dangerous because everyone swung the hockey stick at each other.

I had a really good time. The End  

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