Sunday, June 5, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 8.31.37 PM.pngI had the privilege to be the taupo in the mass.  This is a Samoan lady who act as a royal_.  Her role is to dance in front during the offertory procession.  She is representing the people in offering the gift which is the bread and wine.  I wore a special costume.  My mum applied a lot of baby oil on me as part of my costume. I was shiny like  the sun on still water.  
It was time for the offertory. I was ready. I had mixed feeling.  My whole body was shaking, however, excited. I wanted to run outside but I knew there was no turning back. The music began and I knew I have to move.  I could hear my heartbeat as I started to move to the beat.  I put on a brave look and pushed back my fear and began to move gracefully down the aisle.  I could hear Manu and Uati making low cheering noise from the side.  They were the la’iuli (the male dance to cheer for the taupo).  By Alecia

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Annalisa said...

Great Work. I like how you used a simile to describe how much oil you were wearing. I next time I think you should re-read your writing to see if it makes sense.

From Annalisa