Thursday, June 16, 2016

Olga's Recount: Marae

The whole St Pius Catholic School went to the Marae yesterday. We go there as a whole school, we go there to learn more about the Marae. When the whole St Pius class arrived at the Marae the one lady welcome us through our way inside of the Marae. Analei and Mrs Tui are in the front and when we are came there at the inside of the Marae the people at the Marae start to talk something in their Marae language. I liked the weaving that we did at the inside of the hall. I liked it because I was amaze how did they know like a art like that. I just only amazed on it. The first I hear the lady singing a song when we came there I was scared because maybe I don’t know the language that she is singing. But it’s good trip because I enjoyed it and I’ve learned more about Marae and their language.

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