Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Cyber Smart

Constable Gordon visited Room 7 and talked about being smart online.  With our Cyber Smart learning we know that whatever we put online will never be erased.  So be smart in what your say in the social media.  


Brielle said...

Hi room 7,
It is really cool and great to see you are learning about how to be cyber smart and not bully anyone online!
I like the way you used bright colours in your digital learning object!

nelly said...

Hi room 7,

I really like the way the DLO is set out, the colors used for it to.The quote that you put on about things you post i think its great to share what your learning and this may help people be more cautious.

Adi said...

Hi, like the way you said about writing something nasty online. when you say if you write things online that you will not remove it. That´s really thoughtful of you saying that and remaining people about it. Will done