Friday, May 27, 2016

Olga's Spark Writing

I am going to write now about what happen in our trip in OMG tech. It was good trip and good activities because we did many things in (spark) and I have a lot of things that learned because when I came there with my school mates I was amazed in their place because It’s a good place and big and the volunteer people there is a super king and helpful. They help us to how to monitor a robot and they teach us how to unmake the DVD and I was amazed when I saw the inside of DVD because a lot of wires in their and It was good activity I’ve learned how to stripped the DVD.and the Science activity I enjoyed it because I was amazed of the man do the experiments in our table and the man show us how to clean the coloring from the water. It was good experience because I never go to like place and do the activities like we do to the(spark). I really enjoyed it and It was really fun because I and von are laughing at the robotics activity because we can’t perfect the way of robot but the boy help us how to monitor the robot and the boy was a funny and kind and he is responsible and never give up on our work with von. It was so fun day I really loved it.

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