Friday, May 6, 2016

Lusia's Holiday Writing

On Wednesday my cousin and I went to the movies. First we went to buy the snacks at countdown and it was very hard to find the lolly, drinks and chips area. Then after we got the snacks we walked over to the cinema and bought our tickets to see the “The Boss’’. Then when we got to the room we we stopped and felt this moment then got to one step over the line. We laughed so hard then we got to our seats and talked to the adds came on. After we talked we saw the funny adds and we were laughing on this movie it's called Intelligent with Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson. Then when it got to the movie the first thing in my mind was is it going to be great or funny. The movie was about a lady when she was born the real parents didn't want her. Then they gave her back to the adoption of the sisters. Then everytime she goes to a new parents they don't like or don't want her. She got rich when she was older and wiser than she was so funny telling everybody her guide to be rich. She had an assistant and also she was arrested from doing some kind of cheat. She was in prison for 5 months and when she got out her house was for sale. Then she lost everything and she went to her assistants house. Wanted her to move to her house then her assistant asked her to take her daughter to her cookie scouts. Then she was arguing with the boss and then she went with the assistants daughter and made an new skout group and they were selling 1. Million brownies in one day and made 5. Million in one day. And yeah at the end we were full from the junk and full of happiness and laughter.

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