Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Olga's Recount: Science Roadshow!

Room 7 went to Tamaki College today to watch and see the show of experiments and their exhibit. Lusia’s grandma help us to transport to the Tamaki.

I really amazed at the eye test because It’s really fun and challenging because the letters is going little and little and I was experience the eye test and I really enjoyed the eye test. I was amazed how did they do the eye test.

We go at the Tamaki College with lusia’s grandma. I and von, Henrietta and Lusia. The trip was so fun because I like science and I enjoyed the different stations that I’ve been  go. Every stations has a clues and how to do the thing. That’s why I enjoyed it and I am thankful for who those volunteer to that station and to help us to the thing and teach us I think they are part of the school Tamaki college.

I really enjoyed the eye test, the others station that makes me challenge. I was appealed to that eye test because It’s really fun and challenging. When we finished the show Lusia’s grandma sent us in our school with Von, Henrietta and Lusia.


Caroline Pome'e said...

Well Done Olga this is great.... Keep it up

Lusia Pahulu said...

nice work olga keep it up! Hope u have an great Holiday!