Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lusia's Recount: Science Roadshow!

Today we had a chance to go to  the science roadshow it's very interesting because you get to explore the sorts kind of science stuff like winds sounds and other stuff. So at the beginning my aunty took us four myself, Henrietta , Olga and Von  to tamaki college.

I was there at the tamaki college waiting for the other people. So then we were waiting for the other school to go inside the hall.
Then at the time we sat down inside they showed us some cool experiments. Then they told us to try out and look around the things around the hall, it was sorts of things like u gotta pull the ball to try and hit the ball but u cant because the magnet was to close and it hit the ball back.

My favourite thing out of the others were was the colour combo it changes the color and u switch the switch to blue yellow and other colours and the brick was changing colors it was very awesome. And the color words were very hard because it was hard to remember and to say it backwards and forwards.

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