Friday, March 4, 2016

Fale'aka's Narrative Writing

One evening at Tamaki River, some men went out fishing. The water was not calm but they thought they might have a good catch.  

Not long, the wind started to get stronger and water was becoming rough.  They were scared and yelled at each other to go back.  The motor stopped.  John who was steering the boat did not know what was happening.
Suddenly they noticed a figure on the water.  “It’s a ghost”, they shouted. They started to paddle with their hands.  The figure came closer to the and they noticed that it was Jesus.  
“It’s Jesus”, John shouted.  He was excited and jumped to run to Him.  He forgot that he can’t walk on water.  
“Help”, he screamed.  ‘Help me, Jesus”.
Jesus came and grabbed his hand and took him to the boat.

The sea was calm and wind died down.  Our motor worked and we let out our nets and got a lot of fish.
Thank you Jesus.

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Hello Fale'aka
I like your Narrative writing and your powerful introduction. This writing is amazing. Keep the great work up.