Friday, March 4, 2016

Rosrine's Narrative Writing

Patches of Grey clouds painted along the sky, our scarfs flying from side to side, like trapped birds.

The Galileans & I, paddled as fast as we could to reach the Wall of Prayers. We were planning to go there several times, and never had the opportunity to do it.   THUD! THUD! we all panicked, the waves were getting bigger and our boat was rocking from side to side, A storm was heading our way. “Paddle faster”, I yelled, as if we were having a race with the waves.

“Are we near”, a men spoke. “Not even close”, a unknown man exclaimed. I gave that unknown man a vexatious face, and carried on paddling. While we were struggling to move the boat, a blinding light shone, onto our faces, like we in a football game. “What is that”, I said, while putting on a frightened face. “I am here to help you”, the bright light spoke.

The bright light, was fading and we could finally saw his face. Hair long enough to touch it’s shoulders, yellow scarf. We couldn’t believe our eyes. “It’s Jesus”, we shouted. Mouths dripping with amazement. “Be calm, it is I,” said Jesus. I will take you, to the Wall of Prayers. Jesus ordered the wind and the sea was calm.

An hour passed, and we finally reached our destination “Thank You, Jesus”, we all spoke at once.

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