Thursday, March 29, 2018

Our Holy Week Crucifix

Learn: To create a crucifix using anything from nature and to think about Jesus and his suffering.
            To write a prayer or use words to express our feeling and thoughts about the Holy Week and
            the liturgical celebration around it.


Makayla S said...

Hi I really love your blog post it is really inpsring. Keep up the good work.

Troy said...

Hi my name is Troy i am from Ptengland school

I really liked what you guys did god bless yous all
keep up the good work

Jonathan said...

Hi my name is Jonathan
I love the way you love god. you guys are Teaching us to appreciate god .
I hope you guys have a good life in the future and may god bless you all.

Tupuia said...

hi i really liked your blog post it was very interesting i liked how you use jesus
forgived our sins that is really amazing.

Glennes said...

Hi my is Glennes,
I am from Pt England school I really like how you guys made a cross and to think about Jesus and his suffering. It looks really nice. God bless.

From Glennes