Friday, March 2, 2018

❗Lock Down❗

Lock Down / By Mei Vunivesilevu

Learn: I understand the process when there is

a lockdown at school.
Lockdown is process in response to an emergency, such as, a vicious dog in
in the school ground or someone who is being chased by the police and he or she
is likely to come to our school. In other case, if there is a mad person who has a
gun or any weapon that might hurt us.

First: Once we hear the bell going on and off, on and off continuously,
we know that there is an emergency. We move quickly to the nearest building.

Secondly: We have to help the adult or teacher to lock your doors in our classroom or building. We have to close the windows too.
We leave your blinds/curtains open!

Thirdly: We get on the ground and lay on your stomach. We have to be quite and stay calm and wait for the next instructions.

Lastly : We do not open the door or get up until the principal or staff member will come to our classroom and tell us it is safe to come out.


Francis said...

Well Done Alyaiah your work is fantastic I think thats why they chose you to be on 7 sharp because you inspire people and inspired me so keep it up so you can go to college Ofa Atu.

Mr C said...

Nice summary Mei! You clearly know what to do in this type of emergency.