Friday, March 23, 2018

Health Caravan

ROOM 7 was in the Health Caravan with Lyn. She is amazing in helping us think about the changes that we go through in our teenage years.  It made sense. Thank you Lyn.


William said...

Hello Saint Pius school, I'm Will from Grey Main School. We did Life Ed this year. We also learnt about the same thing. We learnt a lot. We had an activity book to complete. Did you guys have a activity book? I find it interesting being in the back of a truck. This year we had the Cyclone Gita come through when one of our classes were in the Caravan. They had to leave because of the winds.
Keep up the great work Saint Pius.

Aniya said...

Kia Or SPX

Our school had Harold this year and we learnt a lot . I liked the way you included a picture of what you done and learned, but maybe next time you could add more descriptive language.
Keep up the great work Spx !
From Aniya

Alex D said...

Hello my names Alex from greymain school. I really like how you used speech bubbles and a photo. Earlier this term we had Harold and we learnt about Nutrition and whats good for our bodies. We learnt that it is not healthy to eat to much sugar.Did you get to meet Harold at the end and hug him? I got to high five him.

Makayla S said...

Hi I liked your post, We had a session in the health caravan and we talked about puberty too. I really liked how you knew a lot about puberty. Keep up the good work.