Friday, June 1, 2018

Electricity Circuit By Fiapo

Thursday 31 May
Experiment on circuit.
Our experiment today was all about making a circuit. We used a tin foil , LED light , Battery and paper. I worked with Helena and Laki. This is not really how we were supposed to make the light turn on. The light is supposed to turn on without touching the battery. We didn't know how to do that so we just took the paper out because it was no use and it would not work with the paper. We put the LED light in between the battery and covered it with tin foil. 
This experiment was very hard but was also interesting because another group and found out how they can do it without the two objects touching each other. 
Next time I can use what the other group had done to make my LED light turn on. 

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Unknown said...

How interesting. I am a teacher of Year 8 students in Samoa and we were lucky to have your Principal visit our school yesterday. He told us about your blogs so my class have been looking at them, we are very impressed. We don't have individual blogs at our school. Keep up the great work.