Friday, May 18, 2018

Year 8 Retreat by Joseph

At retreat we learnt a lot of things, from Jorina’s Testimony
to the ACYM teams games. Most importantly I learnt that the
good choices that you make can sometimes hurt. The meaning
of that is the right choices could either be good or bad!

One thing I would do differently as a result is change the way
I make decisions. The way I usually make decisions Is sometimes
follow others. Now and further on I would change the way I make decisions by thinking about which choice is the right one.

Also on thing I would change is the way I work
with other people. Rashall told us a saying “Teamwork makes
the dream work!”,I think that from now on I should
work properly as a team when we work together!

Here is a artwork that symbolises the body and blood
of god because I learnt that it's the most important part of mass!

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