Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Dear Claudia

Dear Mummy,

Mummy, I just wanted to let you know today is your day, you are my only best friend and i love you
every day but today is the day when i can express my love as it is Mother’s day.

I know i will never be alone in my saddest days as you are always with me., Thanks for all those
comforting hugs and kisses. You have been such an amazing mother in my life as I was growing up.
Whenever i’m upset I can talk to you, even if we are a mile away from each other, even on calls, I feel
revived and happy again. Thanks for giving me what i wanted and needed. I am always grateful for you
providing me with food, a roof over my head and buying me clothes to wear as well as a bed for me to
sleep on.

Thank You for always trying you best to get me up in the morning so I can come to school and learn so I
can get a better education in the future! Thank you for everything you do trying to put a plate of food on
the table for me and dad. I wouldn’t be who I am today If it wasn’t for you trying your very best! I wish I
could repay everything you have done for me in every way possible.

Thanks for always treating me better than I deserve, I am so proud and lucky to have the best mother who
nurtures me, thanks for always caring for me and loving me unconditionally. I love you to the moon and

Claudia Xo

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