Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My Best Writing 2015 - Anthony

Sailing at Kohimarama Beach
The day of  sailing had finally arrived. My class went together with Room 6. They got the chance to take part in sailing as well. I was very excited.  Once we arrived  a couple of yachts were lined up. Once Reuben had  finished describing how the yacht works, we got into pairs. Luckily my partner was  Christopher. We each grabbed  a yacht and dragged  to the shore .     

Then we prepared the yachts for the sea.  The ocean  seemed dangerous. I jumped into the boat and started sailing to the point. At first it  was scary but it slowly got better.  I slowed down to wait for the others because I was ahead of them. So I waited and waited until Seuati catched up so then I started to sail again.
Then when I got back to the shore, Christopher went. I saw him struggling so I encouraged  him.  My legs were cold so I sat down and covered it  with sand until chris came back. I saw chris ahead of them when they returned back. It was exciting because when chris came back we were allowed to go together .

Finally Reben said we are done. Then we got changed and settled down and Reben gave us a certificate.  

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Sebastian said...

Hi Anthony, Your recount about the beach. It reminds me of all my memories of the beach. You have your paragraphs well, and told it all in time order. Keep up the great work.