Friday, February 27, 2009

HELLO 2009

Welcome back everyone to another year of learning.
We are the new Room 7 Literacy class for 2009.
The year starts off with learning to write a recount.

This is not new but hey, here are some of our recount writing. Here are some of us working during literacy.....ENJOY!!!

I was excited about the Marist Rugby Club training. I asked my dad to go but he said no. Stomped my feet to my room. Slammed the door, bang, bang, bang. My head was sore. I cried in my room.

I had no idea. I packed my bag and jumped out window. The bus came and I went. On the way, I saw a car crash. I did not care because I was worried.

At the training I was worried about my dad because I ran away. I told my coach about what I did. He came home with me. I was happy.

By Saufoi