Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Masala Restraunt !!

Masala, Masala Indian food eating butter Chicken in a very good mood.
First came entrée’ then came main all their food was hot insane!
Spice, Spice, Spice mixed with rice.
Nun bread and drinks mmmm so nice.
Cars are here, we're leaving now.
People staring at our rather large crowd.
Oh a night we’ll never forget as we leave the sun will set.

“Oh what a night, late December back in twenty ten (2010)!


Anonymous said...

Well well well...who would have knowen Saint Pius had such great writters! That was a very excellent peice of writing that kept me amused from starting to end! great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Oh What a night . I enjoyed having dinner with the year 8s and the teachers . Thanks Mrs Tui .


Anonymous said...

I Miss that day. Miss being a year 8. hope I could relieve that day again, back in New Zealand with friends and teachers.

Moli Kautai

Peter said...

Hi manaia i like the way you have written like a poem.the buttrer chicken that i have eaten wasn't too hot. next time try at sylvia park. it is yum!!!!!!!!!!