Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Year 8's Dinner

Masala Restaurant was really awesome, everybody had to pay. With a view so great and on the top floor, Yr 8’s had a great time at Mission Bay.

“Typical,” I thought.
Embarrassment and frustrations raced through my mind.
I hurried up the stairs, almost in tears… To my amazement, the Year 8’s were seated,
happily treated.  I felt my face burn of redness… I was late.

Masala Restaurant is something I will never forget!
All the laughter and shouting made me crazy!
I laugh and scream, but at the end I behaved,
and that’s a night I will never forget!

Entrée first then Main meal came,
we all started digging in.
Everyone went for only one thing, not Lamb, or Beef,
but the bowl of Butter Chicken!

We all had a good night,
But it was time to go.
We all took photos first,
Then we all made our way home.

Year 8’s laugh and joke around,
with so many to tell.
But as you will know, we’re moving on,
that dinner was a great farewell.

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