Thursday, September 7, 2017

Welcome Liturgy for the Cairns Visitors - Mikeala's Writing

My Point Of ViewCairns Visitors Assembly

During this morning I and the Set-up crew were busy running around getting things to set up the hall for our Welcome Assembly to the visitors from Cairns, Queensland Australia. I wasn’t nervous at this welcoming assembly mainly because I wasn’t doing anything in particular except for controlling the Sound System in general. Although as time went past I started to get the chills from thinking I was going to do something wrong just like somebody pushing the red button.

In the meantime, I and Aaliyah continuously went over the presentation making sure that everything was set and ready. While we waited we told the boys who were performing a Siva (dance) to practice before we had to begin. As they danced I was starting to get really humorous because of how some of the boys were mucking around and making weird but hilarious faces. Then I started to get reckless and decided to sweep the floor of the hall’s stage.
Group of Boys/Ewan, Lau, Fano, Motu, Opi and Mackey

Eventually, the bell rang and students began to enter the hall with their teachers. As soon as everyone was seated Mrs.Tui invited us to practice singing a Tongan song named E Otua. After a while of singing, everybody went silent. At this moment Lau had broken the silence standing at the front of the stage welcoming the Cairn visitors. When they had seated Lusia lead us with the School Prayer and introduction.
Lau greeting the visitors from Cairns, Queensland Australia.

As time went on from readings to prayers it finally came to the Cultural performances from the boys and girls. The first performance was from a group of girls dancing to a Cook Island song. While they danced Aaliyah and I focally paid attention to the girls who were on stage just like everybody else. I thought that their performance was cute and very impressive from them especially the younger girls that were in it.
Group of Girls/Telehiva, Silia, Mele, and Pauline

Last but not least was the boy's performance and as they walked up onto the stage confidently but sensibly I was getting nervous because I had thoughts that they were going to muck up or in my case fall off the stage. During the dance, it was very entertaining for the visitors as I could see the surprised and impressed looks on their faces. So to conclude the Welcoming Assembly went all well after all in an end to proudness and thanks.
Boys Dancing - Siva

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Michaela Cameron said...

Hi there Mikeala.
My name is Michaela, I am a year 7 student at Hornby High School. I really like your post on the greetings of our guests. it seemed it was a fun event for you guys. I remember last year at Aidanfield Christian School we did the same thing to some Thai guest and I had to perform 3 or 4 songs to them.

Well done on your post and I look forward to seeing more
Michaela Cameron