Sunday, November 14, 2010

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2010


Miss G said...

What a wonderful message you shared with the cluster at the film festival. You should be so proud of what you have made here it was well put together. Keep up the film making.
Miss G :-)

Angelica said...

What a great movie rm 7.
I enjoyed watching your film because it was funny and entertaining. You all have put alot of effort and hard work into this movie. This shows that your leadership skills are awesome because your movie has inspired people and our school to be a good neighbour to those who are around them. I am looking forward for more of your movies.


Vincent said...

Hi Room 7
what a wonderful message you said.I think your movie is great. I enjoyed watching it.

Keep up the good work

From Vincent

Sela said...

Hi Room 7,

I enjoyed watching your film. My favourite part was when people stole that boys bag. I loved the way you also used expression while talking. I am a tongan are you guys?
That was a wonderful film.

Thank you for sharing.

From Sela

Agnes said...

Hi Room7,
I really liked your movie. I liked that you used the cultures and I liked how you presented it with the story "The good smaritan". Your movie was good and very entertaining.

Good job Room7

Sam said...

Hi room 7

I really like your movie, it sends a good message to the teachers, so they can look out for the best. You should be proud of your movie. Were looking forward till the next movie.

Keep it up room 7 !!

Sam & Tuipulotu

Darius said...

Hi room 7

That was a great movie room 7 I liked the part when all the Samoan, Maori and the Tongan people came doing their dance.

Tau said...

hey what a cool movie about the their neibeir YOU ROCK

Oshania said...

What a wonderful movie Room 7!!! I enjoyed watching your movie because it was really funny and really entertaining. I think my true neighbor is my family.

Keep up the great work in class

Zion said...

Hi room 7
That was a great movie but when he got hurt that was not great. You guys ROCK!!!!! and you guys are the best. Keep up the good work room 7.

falefehi said...

Hi Room 7,

I like your movie because you are kind to your friends! Your acting is good too!


tauwhare said...

What a fantastic work it is wonderful room 7. I hope I can see more of your work you have done. Keep up the great work. From Tauwhare.

Michelle and laite said...

Hi Room 7 I loved how those two girls helped you and I hope you liked our coment.

malulu said...

Hi room 7 at st piers.I like your movie.

Hosannah Setefano said...

Hi room 7, I really like it how those to girls helped out the boy who was hurt. And yes, you Decide.