Friday, May 28, 2010

Treasure Hunt Activity at our Leadership Retreat

In week 3 of term 2 Room 7 went for an overnight Leadership Retreat at St. Francis Retreat Centre

I enjoyed this activity as I and my group worked together in following the clues to get our treasure. Mmmmmmmm.. it was a big packet of chip.
What got us through was cooperation and determination. It was a grate team effort.
By Maia

It enjoyed looking for clues and feeling the breeze through my hair and trying to hold on to our long strip of paper.

It was great running around the big compound, looking for clues. I had fun.

I really enjoyed finding the clues in mystery places! Working together in a team helped me realised that it is important to work as a team. It made me become a better leader.
Seini S

I enjoyed exploring the place while finding clues. It was great to be out of the building.
S Timu


Miss G said...

It is wonderful to read your thoughts about Retreat. It is a great experience and it seems that you enjoyed it.

Keep up the great writing.

Miss G said...

Hey Guys ! And Miss Tui (cant forget her ?) hahaha Miss you guys so much , keep up the awesme work guys, i remember when i went to retreat, i had an awesome time ! Listen to Mrs Tui, (she knows what shes doing) haha, Mrs Tui is really nice when you get to know her. Great work guys ! :)
P.S i still remember my old literacy class blog URl thing, how wierd ? hahah <3 xoxox

Saira said...

Dear Room 7 and Mrs Tui,

Your Retreat sounds amazing. We would like to invite you to be our special cyber friends.

Room 8 and Mrs Boyle
Sancta Maria Catholic Primary School