Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Technology at Tamaki college by Helena

Making Pasta and Mince with Jessica
Cooking with Helena and Jessica
Today at technology, we have been cooking pasta and mince. Jessica and I were helping each other to make an delicious pasta and mice for yourself. The hardest thing for cooking at tech is getting the food out of the oven. WHY?, because the oven is every hot and it might burn me.

Step 1 - Boil Pasta with 2 cups of cold water until soft. Drain under cold water using Coloradoan.

Step 2 - Dice onion small and fry it until soft.
- Add the mince and fry until it is cooked.
-Add sauce, spies, add pasta,cheese and bake for 10 min.

Step 3 - Clean up.


Joseph said...

WOW!! Amazing Work at Tech Helena!! Looks like you had fun!!


Malo Aupito - Joeyy

Reagan said...

Hi SPX Nu'u. My name is Reagan and I am in Totara 3.

I like how you have added in the steps of what you did at Technology and what the hardest part was!!

Next time you might want to make sure that you have spelt all of the words right before you post.

Do you enjoy Technology? What will you be making next time?

Anyway this is a great post!!

Noho ora mai,

Cleo said...

Kia Ora My name is Cleo and I am a year 8 student from totara 3 Grey Main School. I enjoyed reading your post about technology and what you cooked. I liked how you added the instructions and the ingredients. Next time you might want to add what you enjoyed about making this product. Do you enjoy doing technology? Well Done!!

Aimee said...

Kia Ora SPX Nu'u,My name is Aimee and I am a Yr7 student at Grey Main School.I like it how you have added the steps of what you did at Technology and what was the Hardest part at Technology when you went.
We do Technology at our school too?

I wounder if you have the same seasons as us like Coding class\Metal work and other stuff.

Noho ora mai,

Kyra said...

Kia Ora SPX Nu'u, my name is Kyra and I am a year 7 student in Totara 3, Grey Main School. I like this post about when you made Pasta and Mince at your Technology class because there is some good instructions on how to make it and had a cool photo of the finished product.

This reminds of when we go to Technology at the Grey High School on Wednesdays. The class I am in this term is Woodwork. There is also Robotics and Technology, Metal work and of course Cooking!

Maybe next time you could check that your sentences make sense and all of your spelling is correct. Great work though!

From Kyra

Sam H said...

Hi Spx Nu'u Learning Space
my name is Sam and I go to Greymain School. Just make sure you check your spelling such as "mice" and "spies". Aside from that your food looked really yummy . Was it very good? Do you enjoy going to Tamaki College for technology?

Ry said...

Sounds like a lot of fun but I doubt anyone would like Mice and Spies in there Pasta and I do understand that it was meant to be Mince and Spice but what is your fav part of tech what are you making next?