Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ewan's Best Piece Of Writing!

Ewan's best piece of writing, he did this in under 45 minutes. He feels successful in what he did.
William wallace

William wallace was a man who was born in 1270 Elderslie,Scotland and died on the 23rd of August 1305 in London,England.

He was a man that fought for the freedom of scotland that was overruled by England.William wallace was a person that made scottish history that is still remembered today, in scotland there is monuments and attraction that honour is bravery, also there is a movie (braveheart) that is a true romance movie with all the action you could ever. The reason he strived forward and pushed the english back to their country is that the love of his life was murdered by an English force, she was tied to a pole and then slitted on the neck with a small sword because some english troops had tried to kiss her and sexually harassed her, so she bit one of the troops and they chased her.

The battle of Killiecrankie
William wallace fought many battles but this battle is different because it was one of the brutal but the most faithful casualty of over 2,000.

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