Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today is Holy Thursday. St. Pius X School had an Easter liturgy. We celerated and remembered the life of Jesus - His passion, His death and resurrection.

In the liturgy, symbols of Jesus' life was brought from the back of the church up to the altar. Each symbol came with a candle.

Children were singing really well. There were lots of parents and Father Iosefa, our parish priest was there too.

It was a holy and solmn liturgy.

Mr Coakley wished everyone a blessing Easter at the end before we all sung the final hymn.

by Maia and Simone


Anonymous said...

Great writing guys,

I really enjoyed reading your writing. Keep up the good work.

brennah brown said...

hi maia and simone, its brennah just came back from school and thought i should look at st pius x school blog. that was a great piece of writting nice to know use guys are having fun.keep up the great work.
ps. hope to see use soon.
from brennah